Weighing the Benefits of Using Menstrual Cups

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(Newswire.net — July 5, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — To use a menstrual cup isn’t a very common first thought for most women when their period arrives, in fact most women are highly unlikely to even know what a menstrual cup is to be frank. This nifty underrated application is pretty ingenious when one thinks about it, a tiny flexible cup to collect fluids that can be washed and reused sounds like a smart investment, if only people knew about it.  

While it will take a bit of adjusting to with regards to folding the cup ideally and inserting it in a way that comfort and functionality align, it’s worth the effort. Pads and tampons are the most popular options for the modern woman thanks to flashy advertising campaigns which heavily push these products even though they’re merely temporary fillers for a reoccurring matter. While disposable means of handling menstruation have become the norm they are by no means the most practical long term method. 

The Pros

The device neatly holds double the amount of fluid a tampon or pad could ever contain so heavy flow concerns and overnight leaks are a thing of the past when using menstrual cups, once proper insertion is mastered of course. Most importantly, there is a lower risk of toxic shock syndrome and other bacterial infections when using a menstrual cup rather than a tampon.

Additionally, purchasing a menstrual cup is a one-time upfront investment for an eco-friendly product guaranteed to last for years so there’s no monthly cost involved. Furthermore, it can be worn for as much as 12 hours due to the high silicone material typically used to make them.

The Cons

Similar to many women’s first time use of a tampon, with menstrual cups one’s body may initially be irritated by the whole newness of the method, the vagina is a very sensitive organ that can be highly reactive to any sudden change so it’s not surprising if slight discomfort is experienced during the learning curve with regards to insertion. Unfortunately, finding the perfect fit can take some doing as there are different sizes dependent on age, flow and other factors that contribute to a cup’s snug hold for each individual. 

The pelvic muscle also plays a role in the removal as it pushes the cup downwards as the stem of the cup is reached to dislodge the cup, hopefully without a spill. Over a bidet or toilet is the best place to attempt removal. Of course by virtue of being a non-absorbent application, removal of the device can be a bit messy, the right position and angle for removing the menstrual cup are essential for minimal clean up afterwards. 

Regardless of the application selected, it’s recommended to intermittently cleanse with a vaginal suppository following one’s menstruation cycle. The HealthyWiser™ Femme-Fresh™ vaginal suppository is highly recommended by gynecologists for its medically approved boric acid formulae. Restoring vaginal pH balance and fending off fungal infections are just a few of the benefits of using Femme-Fresh™ as part of a regular feminine hygiene routine.

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