Don’t Sit on Your Tattoo Idea – Reasons Why You Should Get Inked Today

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( — June 29, 2018) — Creativity isn’t limited to a chosen section of people. The truth is, every human is creative and responds to art in his/her unique way. The past civilizations and cultures have been a proof of that. From the artistic wall carvings, sculptures, temple art to body art – human beings have shown their affinity to art and creativity in many forms. One such medium is a tattoo. Often considered to be new age and bohemian fashion statement, a tattoo symbol is much more than a patch of body art. The modern-day society thrives on free expression and will. Hence, getting a tattoo that calls out to you is a way of self-expression.

Are you still mulling over the question, whether you should get your favorite tattoo? If yes, here are few inspiring and exciting reasons to motivate you to get inked.

 1.      Tattoos delve deep into your psyche

Getting a tattoo is not like getting a cosmetic product. It’s not about selecting the best fall-winter lip shade or nail color. Instead, it’s about choosing an image or phrase that resonates deeply with you. For instance, do terms like “Carpe Diem” or pictures an angel, the holy cross, Buddhist chants and letters interest you. Have you been studying these topics and have a personal connection that’s impossible to explain in words? If yes, then you can select your tattoo symbol or phrase from what your psyche holds close and get it inked in your sleeve, neck, back, ankle and the like.

 2.      You can exude confidence with your tattoo

Many people consider a tattoo image to be a powerful tool! Warriors in ancient civilization used to draw specific motifs in their bodies, including face and arms before a war. These images were a mix of symbols that depicted victory, and it gave the warrior increased conviction to fight the battle. Similarly, when you select a tattoo idea, from an image or word you resonate, you embody it physically. Soon your tattoo starts to speak out your philosophy and enables you to express yourself better with confidence and complete conviction.

 3.      There are expert tattoo artists to help you

Often, we have problems in translating our deep thoughts into words and images. You can rely on expert tattoo artists to help you. Before getting your tattoo, you have the chance to have an informal chat with your tattoo artists and share your views. So just in case you are unclear about the design, he/she can suggest you a handful of tattoo art depending on your personality, choices, dislikes, reading habits, life philosophy, look and dressing style.

Hence, a new age tattoo shop is more like a creative vortex that helps you discover tattoo symbols and ideas that will work for you.

 4.      Hygiene factor is taken care of

Most people shy away from a tattoo because of issues related to hygiene. You need not worry about that anymore. The new age tattoo artists have clean stores, with sterilized machines at work. They are also well read and have the know-how about maintaining the best hygiene during the process.

Having an image or text tattooed is like adorning a magic charm. In inexplicable ways, it adds to your persona. Self-expression is the best way to be. Other than unlocking your psyche, it paves the path for your authentic self to blossom. So, if a tattoo idea has been calling out to you, go ahead and sport it today!