Study Now Suggests Sex Does Not Increase Heart Attack Risk

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( — July 5, 2018) Orlando, FL — Heart attacks are some of the occurrences that many health experts warn consumers against. There are established risk factors and there are also those that new studies found irrelevant for its unlikelihood.

In a new research, it was revealed that sex, in contrary to popular belief, is rarely the cause of a heart attack.

Scientists even suggest that most patients of heart disease may resume sexual activity following a heart attack.

This study involved 536 heart disease sufferers belonging to the 30 to 70 years age bracket. The investigators tried to assess sexual activity in the 12 months prior to a heart attack.

This study was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

In this study, the researchers also tried to estimate the link between frequency of sexual activity with subsequent cardiovascular events. This includes stroke and fatal heart attack.

It is worth mentioning that sexual activity is often a concern for the many with heart attack history. They normally worry about the exertion involved in the activity that may trigger another heart event.

Experts suggest that generally, sexual activity involves moderate physical activity that is comparable with taking a brisk walk. The sexual activity was evaluated within 12 months before the heart attack occurred.

Dietrich Rothenbacher, M.D., M.P.H., states that based on their data, it seems very unlikely that sexual activity is a relevant trigger of a heart attack.

Rothenbacher is the lead author of the study and professor and chair of the Institute of Epidemiology and Medical Biometry at Ulm University in Ulm, Germany.

More studies are still underway to validate the link between the two. Researchers have however stated that the benefits of sexual activity actually outweigh the risks.

Unfortunately, the use of various cardiovascular protective medications has been found to cause a side effect called erectile dysfunction.

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