Dental Implants Andover Hampshire UK Surgery Launches Advanced Clinic in India

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( — July 3, 2018) — Andover, Hampshire UK dental implants clinic Dental Concepts Andover announced the launch of its international dental surgery facility in India. Established in the city of Mumbai, the overseas facility will provide patients with affordable and high-quality cosmetic dental surgery and dental implants.

More information about Dental Concepts Andover is available at

The significantly lower cost of medical and dental treatments in India has led to the rapid growth of its medical tourism industry that has been valued at approximately £2.3 billion and is expected to grow to £5.7 billion by 2020, according to a paper by the Confederation of Indian Industry and consultant Grant Thornton.

The quality of complex dental treatments performed overseas also come under consumer and medical scrutiny. Dental Concepts Andover has set up its Mumbai dental clinic to ensure that patients receive dental implants and post-procedure care consistent with quality standards in the United Kingdom at a significantly lower price.

The Mumbai, India, facility is named Integrated Dental Concepts and offers high-quality cosmetic dental surgery and aftercare. Patients who have undergone a procedure at the clinic in India may also avail of aftercare at the Andover or Whitchurch practice. This unified treatment and care program has been created to help UK patients receive high-quality medical care while overseas.

UK patients wishing to contact the India clinic directly can do so using the following contact details: Integrated Dental Concepts, 306, Kakad Chambers, 132 Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018, India. Tel: +91 22 2493 4450. Information about the Mumbai, India facility is available at

According to a spokesperson for the Andover, UK cosmetic dental clinic, “How can a patient be sure about the quality of the treatment and the dental materials used for the implants treatment overseas? Our new clinic in Mumbai allows travellers to experience consistently excellent treatment quality in India as they would at our facilities in the UK with access to comprehensive follow-up care.”

Dental Concepts Andover is a full-service Hampshire dental facility headed by practice principals Drs. Manish & Shilpa Chitnis. All operations at the clinic are governed by the Standards for Dental Professionals established by the General Dental Council in the United Kingdom. More information is available at the URLs above, but in-depth information regarding dental implants can be viewed at