Glen Ellyn IL Chiropractor Announces Women’s Health Functional Medicine Services

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( — June 30, 2018) — A leading Glen Ellyn, Illinois chiropractor has announced she can help clients throughout the local area with functional medicine services, chiropractic services, women’s health issues and more. She specializes in the above, along with dealing with menopause, PMS, fatigue and other issues.

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Dr Kris Sargent of Restor Healing Centre prides herself on her high quality services, and works hard to help alleviate pain and issues in patients around Glen Ellyn. Anyone looking for chiropractic services to deal with chronic pain, or functional medicine to deal with lack of sleep, stress, or any other issue, can get in touch.

The expert chiropractor explains that she’s committed to eliminating chronic diseases off the face of the Earth, calling them a scourge to people’s health and the healthcare system.

Dr Kris Sargent launched her practice in 1992, which eventually became Restor Healing Centre in 2007. This wealth of experience makes her one of the most experienced functional medicine doctors in the country.

With a focus on healing the body by restoring function through natural methods, she can help to treat auto immune issues, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, and more.

A full list of services is available on the Restor Healing Centre website, and includes two different consultation types. Interested parties can sign up for an initial consultation, which will include a “clean it up” plan along with a follow up program package.

Alongside this, there is an online initial consultation available. Anyone who decides to become a patient will have their fee applied to their three, six or 12 month package.

One of the things that separates the chiropractic and functional medicine services offered by Dr Kris Sargent from others in the Illinois area is that she is fully patient centered.

Plans are backed by science and the latest research, and fully customized to fit the needs of individual patients.

Dr Kris states: “I would really like to encourage you to pay attention and respond to your body’s signals. If you feel like you are slipping—your periods are off, you’re not sleeping well—let’s clamp down on the issue before it’s a huge problem.”

Full details of her Glen Ellyn chiropractic services can be found on the URL above.