Scientists Discovered Fruit Peel May Aid in Having Safer Drinking Water

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( — July 11, 2018) Orlando, FL — Today, it is hard to deny that pollution has reached many water systems from around the world. This is why more and more researchers are investigating how to protect drinking water from contaminants.

Ramakrishna Mallampati, lead researcher from the National University of Singapore conducted a study.

In this research, they found that apple and tomato peel could serve as sponges in polluted water. Through the peel, there could potentially be massive reductions in the levels of dyes, pesticides, and unhealthy metals.

The findings of this study may pave the way for a low-cost and readily available method in making drinking water safer for millions of people worldwide.

According to the lead researchers, this could be particularly beneficial in remote regions. It is worth mentioning that remote regions normally don’t have easy access to water purification devices.

Further, these areas also have groundwater near villages that is contaminated by industrial pollution.

According to Unicef, almost 800 million people globally have no access to clean water. This can have undesirable health consequences for many individuals around the globe.

This two-year study from the university found that the peels from eight tomatoes can nearly completely eliminate heavy metals, like lead, from a liter of water in an hour.

While there are actually many products available in the market, it is the developing countries that can’t afford such costly technologies like a personal water filter straw. Fruit peel is a waste product, and is widely available worldwide.

The findings were published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal RSC Advances, and in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

More studies are still underway to investigate how to find the best, less costly solution to provide clean water to consumers.

Today, there are water filtration systems available in the market. These are filters that can be used in households and offices to ensure that tap water can turn into healthy drinking water.

There are water filtration systems that use activated charcoal, which is an ingredient known for its adsorbent abilities.

Researchers found that activated charcoal binds with toxins, impurities, and some unhealthy materials. Inside the body for instance, it binds with poisons and toxins and eliminates them preventing their reabsorption.

Activated charcoal is believed to work the same when it comes to water filtration. This is the reason why it is widely used in many water filtration systems.

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