Experts Warn Against the Alarming Rate of Antibiotic Resistance

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( — July 11, 2018) Orlando, FL — Urinary tract infections are often the reason why the demand for antibiotics continues to increase. This type of medication may be helpful for the infection, but it is worth mentioning its use can cause side effects.

According to experts, antibiotics are prescribed for many issues affecting health. Unfortunately, this ultimately leads to antibiotic resistance.

In 1943, the first case of antibiotic resistance was noted. What makes this interesting is that it wasn’t the beginning of antibiotic resistance as this condition dates back 4 million years ago.

Scientists said that antibiotic resistance is one of the largest threats to food security, development, and global health.

They added that due to this problem, a growing number of infections are becoming more and more difficult to treat. Antibiotic resistance actually results in higher medical costs, longer hospital stays, and increased mortality.

Health authorities are urging for the need to change the manner in which antibiotics are prescribed and used. Even if new antibiotics are developed, resistance of this medication continues to be a major threat.

There are many people who suffer from urinary tract infections nowadays. Having this infection can be difficult, as it causes pain and some other symptoms. It is important that the onset of infections are prevented.

Health experts say that drinking lots of water to flush bacteria is a good way to reduce the risk of UTIs. There are also natural remedies like D-Mannose that can be used in preventing the infection.

Individuals who are using antibiotics are advised to only use the medication when prescribed by a certified health professional.

To reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance, it is important to not insist on using the medication if the doctor does not recommend it. It is similarly important to avoid sharing the medication or using leftover antibiotics.

In cases of urinary tract infections, D-Mannose can also be helpful. This therapeutic sugar can be found in cranberry, which is a popular treatment of UTIs.

D-Mannose works by sticking to and eliminating the bacteria that cause infection. What makes it more beneficial is that it doesn’t cause side effects.

To experience its benefits, it is wise to consider the use of Purest Vantage D-Mannose, which offers 600 mg of D-Mannose powder per capsule. This amazing formula gains more and more popularity from consumers.

It even has cranberry juice powder and dandelion extract for superior UTI support. It could be an excellent formula for individuals with bladder and UTI infections. It is free from nasty ingredients like GMO, gluten, soy, wheat, sugar, binders, fillers or additives.



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