Costa Del Sol Real Estate Agent NIE Number Application Guide Launched

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( — July 10, 2018) — The most trusted real estate agency in Costa del Sol, Andalucía Realty, has just released a new guide explaining in detail how EU citizens coming to Spain can get their NIE, also known as the Spanish Foreigner identification number.

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For all those who are thinking about moving to Costa del Sol or anywhere else in Spain, the agency has now released a new guide detailing exactly how to get the NIE, the Spanish Foreigner identification number.

This number is a ‘must’ for any EU citizen planning to stay in Spain for more than three months and essential for almost every transaction they’ll be doing like opening bank accounts, getting internet or buying a property.

Through this new guide, the public can understand the several different ways in which they can get it, including just paying an agency to do all the paperwork, going to the Spanish embassy in their home country or doing it when they get to Spain.

For the ones going with the last option, the report explains exactly what to do, including where to download the EX 15 application form, and how to get a translated version so it’s easier to fill.

It shows how to get and fill the MODELO 790-012 form for the payment, and where to go to pay it. And then it explains how to book the appointment with one of their offices.

There’s also a detailed checklist of the documents they need to bring to that appointment, including a valid EU passport, the completed forms, and proof of the economic, professional or social interests justifying the application, like a contract showing they’re buying a property.

To see the whole NIE guide, talk to the team at Andalucía Realty or check all the properties they have for sale in Costa del Sol, the public can call +34 952-814-767 or visit their website at

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