Waterloov Gutter Protection System Celebrates Its 29th Anniversary

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(Newswire.net — July 11, 2018) — Waterloov® makes the most of its 29 years to become the preeminent dealer in the competitive gutter protection business by making the best gutter guards available.

Who Said a Gutter Cover Wouldn’t Work for Almost Thirty Years?

Any business that lasts for 29 years is doing something right but to last in the competitive gutter protection business, well, that means you are way ahead of the competition.

Since most gutter protection businesses come and go like the seasons, owner Richard Kuhns is proud to announce that his Waterloov® Gutter Protection System is even better after 29 years of serving the country by keeping out debris and by accommodating large volumes of water flow for his customers.

“Gutter protection has become a hot topic” says Richard Kuhns, Inventor and President of Waterloov Gutter Protection Co. div. of R. K. Industries Inc. located in Oakhurst, NJ.

He states, “Waterloov is one of the few gutter guards recommended by Consumer Reports. If it can pass their rigid tests then you know it’s made to last!”

Why has Waterloov Gutter Protection System lasted so long when most go out of business after just a few years?

Richard says, “It’s all in the way our gutter guards are fabricated. Waterloov has two rows of discriminating louvers that limit debris and collect all the water without overshooting. The small amount of debris that manages to get through the louvers is washed out because the design of the louvers causes a swirling action at the bottom of the gutter as shown. But the biggest reason is, Waterloov® has a protective wall approximately 1/16″ in height at the bottom part of the lower row of louvers that keeps debris from being blown or washed into the gutter. No other product gives you this protection. Others only have a trough that can trap debris”.

The first Waterloov Gutter Covers were installed in the spring of 1989 in a ten mile area surrounding Red Bank NJ. Twenty-nine years later, they are still in service and keeping gutters clean and free flowing in the heaviest of debris conditions. Since that time, tens of thousands of homes throughout the USA have been installed with the Waterloov® Gutter Protection System.

Since most homeowners are not well informed regarding how to choose the proper gutter guards for their type of home, Richard answers their most asked questions. This is another reason why Waterloov Gutter Covers stand head and shoulders above the other gutter companies.

Here are 5 of the most asked questions:.

1 – Do I need to have new gutters installed when you install the Waterloov Gutter Guard product?

Yes and no. If your gutters are tattered, worn, beaten by ladders, leaking, and the spikes are rusty and loose, we recommend new gutters. Otherwise, it will work with your existing gutters. There’s no reason to replace perfectly good gutters.

2 – Will the gutters overshoot and miss any water?

Unlike other products that must be installed at precise angles in order to collect water, Waterloov for two reasons collects all the water without over shoot:

1- First, it is very flexible and can be installed at any angle.

2- Second, tiny inherent openings-a patented feature – created at the juncture of the bottom of the top gutter lip and the top of the lower front flange of the Waterloov panel, creates a wick like action that sucks any water in that may drain from the gutter lip towards the gutter. The only water to drip onto the ground is from any water that rains onto gutter lips which may drain to the front of the gutter rather than to the back of the gutter.

3 – Are Waterloov Gutter Guards available in different colors?

Yes, they can match your gutter color or blend with your roof.

4 – Is Waterloov effective against pine needles and pine straw?

Yes, Waterloov is the only product that is completely effective against all types and lengths of pine needles and pine straw.

5 – What is the Waterloov Warranty?

When the product is installed by certified installers, Waterloov provides a lifetime performance warranty – the best in the industry.

R. K. Industries, the sole manufacturer of Waterloov since 1989, is looking for quality companies to market and install Waterloov for customers who demand a gutter guard that will live up to a life time performance warranty.

For more information and to have Waterloov Gutter Covers installed in your areas please contact Richard Kuhns at:

phone:732-531-1123 or

email info@waterloov.com