Learning Technics Helps Children With Learning Disabilities

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(Newswire.net — July 12, 2018) Draper, UT — The award winning founders of Physio-Neuro Therapy (PNT), designed to help children with learning disabilities, recently launched a new website. As with all other efforts they’ve put forth in the last 3 decades, the new Learning Technics website is designed from the “ground up” to help parents with bright children who struggle to learn, find the resources they need to flourish and grow academically. 

“The new website design was nearly a year in the making. We wanted parents to have access to all the information they needed to get off on the right foot in finding answers to their challenges… and we wanted them to be able to get to it easily. There is an abundance of smart kids that just don’t learn the way information is taught in the traditional classroom and we are here to help those children learn how to learn so they can be successful in life,” says co-founder John Heath.

Learning Technics provides resources and therapy regimens for children who struggle with common (and not so common) learning disabilities such as ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and various memory challenges. Resources they provide for parents are of equal importance and value, as the company looks at all of their programs as “partnerships” geared toward a collective effort to help each child succeed academically.

Their trademark therapy, known as “Physio-Neuro Therapy,” was developed in 1988 to strengthen eleven identified basic neurological areas and has expanded to include dozens of secondary components as well. PNT now includes hundreds of exercises that are custom tailored to a child’s individual needs and can include a combination of in-clinic and at-home daily and weekly exercises and therapies.

About Learning Technics

Thirty years ago, John Heath and Sally Higley, founders of Learning Technics, were parents struggling to find an answer to a very important question: why were their bright and eager children struggling to learn? Like so many other parents, they had a child that was struggling to learn in a traditional setting. They both knew the school system and tutors simply weren’t enough, but what could they do? Their children needed a different approach to learning and education and they were determined to find the answer. Little did they know their journey would last 30 years and lead to the birth of Learning Technics. As John and Sally sought innovative ways to teach their children, they began to study and test the latest neuro-scientific research from dozens of academic disciplines. With the assistance of a program board consisting of MDs, PhDs, and occupational therapists, they created Physio-Neuro Therapy—a multi-sensory program designed to permanently correct learning struggles and help students lead successful academic and professional lives.

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