How to Get Spanish Golden Visa – Property Buy Marbella Guide Launched

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( — July 14, 2018) — Andalucia Realty has launched a new report focusing on how to get the golden visa in Spain to obtain the residency permit. It has been written as a guide to help anyone wanting to find real estate opportunities in Marbella, as the agency offers a variety of properties that are suitable to get the golden visa.

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The report explains that in order for anyone to get the golden visa in Spain, they need to invest more than 500,000 euros in real estate. The investment will grant a family residency permit.

It details how, in 2013, the Spanish government introduced the new law to allow more people to live in Spain as residents. Designed to stimulate the real estate sector, the law means that anyone who buys a $500,000 property from outside the European Union can get a Spanish Residency Permit.

This allows them to live in Spain and travel freely throughout the European Union, opening up great opportunities for anyone outside the EU. What’s more, because it’s a family residency permit, it will apply to the parents and any children below 18 years old as well.

There are a few other options for anyone wanting to get their hands on the golden visa. These include investing at least 2 million in treasury bonds, 1 million in Spanish shares, or 1 million in Spanish bank accounts.

The report states, “This new law is made for individuals whose main residence would not be Spain. Compared with the common way of obtaining the visa, this golden visa allows the investor to travel to Spain only once during the validity of the visa, while before it was necessary to stay at least six months in the Spanish territory.”

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