Vince’s Auto Service in Newtown PA Answers Auto Repair Questions You May Have

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( — July 17, 2018) — In an effort to educate car owners on ways to prolong car life, while saving money, Vince’s Auto Service owner Vince Belardo provides answers to commonly asked auto repair questions.

Auto repair can be a complicated subject for some car owners, which is why Vince Belardo, owner of Vince’s Auto Service in Newtown, PA is informing customers about commonly asked questions. “I am fortunate and appreciative of earning the loyalty of so many wonderful people and sharing my knowledge with lower Bucks County. We like to share options with our customers to save them money and prolong their car life,” he said. Vince’s technicians are experts at diagnosing car concerns while his service advisors are committed to providing customers with a detailed report about their car’s repairs as well as future recommendations and when they need to be taken care of. Some of his customers consider his team auto repair educators rather than just auto technicians which is the reason behind unbreakable trust at Vince’s.

Frequent questions Vince and his experienced staff are asked:

Can I still drive my car if the check engine light is on?

First, we determine if the check engine light is flashing on the dashboard or if the light is constantly on. If the check engine light is flashing, this indicates engine misfires (rough starting, shaking, or loss of power) and the vehicle should not be driven because it can cause further damage on top of the original problem, or completely fail outright. We also need to know how long the light has been on, if the car drives any differently, and if there is a past history of check engine light reoccurrences. If the check engine light is on steady, we take a different approach; however, your vehicle’s computer is in a fail-safe mode and we recommend scheduling an appointment to determine the cause. Fail-safe mode can cause the engine to guzzle more fuel to operate and as a result, releases more toxic emissions than normal.

Our preliminary diagnosis involves retrieving trouble codes from the car’s computer and making sure some basic components are present and electronically connected. We may do some basic testing such as power, ground, and check fuses in the circuit that the codes came from. Then we put together an estimate and share financial options as well as urgency status. 85% of the time, our preliminary diagnosis has located the issue and we provide you an estimate for the repairs. The other 15% of the time, the problem is not found in the preliminary testing and requires more time to do pin-point testing on other components within the circuit.

How long will my car be at the shop?

The amount of time your vehicle needs to be at the shop for service or repairs varies according to the repairs being done. The goal is to address concerns on the scheduled day and depends on the availability of parts and everything going as planned. Vince’s Auto Service prefers to have each car completed on the same day and most of the scheduled appointments do unless unforeseen problems are discovered during the repair.

How do I know my car is safe and reliable to take on a long trip?

Great question, Vince’s Auto Service has a checklist for you! Vince’s Auto Service understands the importance for each customer to reach their destination safely and on time. First, the checklists ensure proper examination of every major system of the car to advise of any needed repairs or future maintenance. Second, the advisors prioritize needed repairs so it is convenient to plan when to get each service done. Options are also provided to space apart repairs so it is financially simpler to manage.

As a family owned and operated auto repair and automotive service company in Newtown, PA, Vince’s Auto Service provides services including preventative maintenance, brake repair and service, transmission service and repair, oil change and lube service, along with emergency repairs. The expert technicians at Vince’s Auto Service specialize in repairs of multiples systems in cars and trucks, including brake systems, exhaust, cooling and heating, electrical, suspension, and drivetrain. Vince’s Auto Service also provides additional helpful car care tips on its website at

Vince’s Auto Service is located behind Sparkle Car Wash at 50 Walnut Avenue, in Newtown, PA. Serving lower Bucks County, PA communities of Newtown, Richboro, Langhorne, Yardley, Upper and Lower Makefield, Washington Crossing, Wrightstown, Northampton, Holland, Churchville, Vince’s Auto Service is a top-rated and top-reviewed Auto Repair and Auto Service company. Specializing in automotive preventative maintenance, brake repair and service, transmission service and repair, oil change and lube service, and emergency repairs, Vince’s Auto Service is a family owned business, with an A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau.