UK Fitted Window Shutters and Blinds Sustainable Plantation Styles Announced

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( — July 17, 2018) — The leading manufacturer of premium fitted window shutters in the UK has announced it can provide customers with 6 different shutter material options. This allows customers to get the best of all worlds, with something for everyone and every property style.

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S:CRAFT offers premium window shutters and blinds sold via a range of independent shutter specialists and retailers across the UK. All of its retailers have access to the best shutters in today’s market, and the largest shutter range available.

Customers can get a wide selection of colours to choose from and pick shutter designs that complement their home or their vision in the best way.

What’s more, the range of material options allow customers to get shutters that fulfill the needs of any project. From premium white teak shutters to 100% waterproof shutters, S:CRAFT creates the best on the market.

Customers can also get premium Venetian blinds and honeycomb blinds in a range of colours to complement the shutters in their home. Anyone wanting to transform the appearance of their property, or get the best in light control and privacy, can rely on S:CRAFT products.

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The site states, “S:CRAFT shutters are manufactured by the largest, most technically advanced plantation shutter manufacturer in the world and we have built a strong partnership with their team over the past 15 years.”

It adds, “This mutual relationship has led to product enhancements, new innovations and improved quality and we remain impressed with their commitment to quality and high level of attention to detail. They use state of the art, advanced manufacturing techniques coupled with that hand finished touch to produce the best shutters available globally.”

One of the things that separates S:CRAFT from other window shutter manufacturers is that it is fully committed to sustainability. Wooden shutters are sourced from managed forest and the factory has a joint venture with the Solomon Island Government for sourcing white teak timber via sustainable forest management.

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