Mycorrhizal Fungi Concentrate Organic and Natural for Plants and Trees Launched

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( — July 16, 2018) — Wildroot Organic, a company specializing in organic agricultural solutions, launched an updated version of its successful Mycorrhizal Fungi concentrate. The pure extract of more than 16 species of mycorrhizae and 8 species of beneficial bacteria promotes healthy plant growth, improves drought tolerance, stabilizes the soil and imparts resistance to disease and insects, making it an ideal solution for the organic cultivation of trees, lawns, home gardens, orchards and vineyards.

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Mycorrhizal fungi are grown from microscopic spores which attach to the roots of a host plant and help it extract nutrients and water from the soil, thus creating a beneficial symbiotic association. Naturally occurring in all healthy ecosystems, mycorrhizae are often perturbed by factors such as land clearing and development, overgrazing, tilling and compacting.

The Wildroot Organic Mycorrhizal Fungi is based on a globally-selected mixture of several species of mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria, making it suitable for healthy plant growth throughout the world.

The pure concentrate comes in the form of a high-efficiency powder which can be applied as such or diluted in water. A single ounce is sufficient for 50 gallons of mycorrhizal solution. For convenience, the pure mycorrhizae powder also comes in capsules or “plantsules”. One or more plantsules inserted into the soil containing roots will inoculate the plant roots when watered. This is also an easy and efficient delivery system for potted plants.

The organic concentrate has been praised by farmers, gardeners and other users in more than twenty countries.

A satisfied farmer said, “We used Wildroot mycorrhizae on a plot of eggplants and peppers. That year we experienced torrential downpours during late-spring that lasted into summer, and we noticed that the plants with the mycorrhizae, especially the eggplant, produced earlier, produced for a longer period of time, and produced more abundantly than the untreated rows. We highly recommend using Wildroot and will continue to do so at our farm.”

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