Researchers Find Pollution Is the Biggest Global Threat to Human Health

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( — July 25, 2018) Orlando, FL — According to the World Health Organization, seven million premature deaths annually can be associated with air pollution. Many health experts believe this type of pollution is an invisible killer.

In the United States alone, 7,500 to 52,000 individuals die every year due to exposure of small particles within power plant emissions.

The new 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) even states that air pollution is the biggest of all environmental threats to public health.

Researchers at Yale and Columbia Universities, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, made this report.

Worldwide, they ranked 180 countries on 24 performance indicators throughout 10 issue categories.

All of these focus around environmental health and ecosystem vitality. It is worth mentioning that Switzerland is at the top of the list, and it is followed by France, Denmark, Malta, and Sweden.

Researchers also revealed that at the bottom of the list are India, Bangladesh, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Nepal.

According to Daniel C. Esty, as the world community pursues new sustainable development goals, policymakers need to know who is leading and who is lagging on energy and environmental challenges.

Esty is director of the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy and the Hillhouse Professor at Yale University.

Health organizations do not release this information to scare people, but to propose policies that could significantly reduce air pollution.

It is worth mentioning that air pollution has been directly associated with early brain development. In humans, it can produce serious and scary health effects.

It can be extremely difficult to avoid exposure to pollution. However, it can be minimized by taking certain measures. It may also be wise to consider cleansing the body from the environmental toxins it has accumulated.

When toxins buildup, they could potentially disrupt certain processes inside the body. If this happens, it could potentially trigger the onset of certain diseases and disorders.

According to experts, eliminating these toxins may be significantly helpful in keeping the body healthy. Getting rid of these potentially dangerous substances can be done through the use of activated charcoal.

This natural ingredient is widely popularized by its adsorbent ability. It has been found to bind with toxins and eliminate them from the body. This prevents the reabsorption of these unhealthy, potentially dangerous substances.

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