Payroll Punch Clocks Biometric Self Totaling Network Software Systems Launched

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( — July 18, 2018) — Employee Time Clocks, a company specializing in commercial time equipment and services, launched an updated range of solutions for companies interested in high-precision time clocks. The company provides everything from traditional punch clocks to computerized models, networks systems, self-totaling clocks, biometric employee systems, time management software and various others.

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A reliable time management system is essential for all companies, making it easy to precisely record worked hours. Recent decades have seen more and more businesses adopt computer-based attendance systems and biometric time clocks – efficient solutions to manage multiple employees from a centralized system.

Employee Time Clocks is the internet division of Florida Time Clock, having more than 27 years of experience selling a wide range of time clocks and offering repair and technical advice.

The recent collection update includes a variety of biometric time clocks and employee management systems. The Compumatic CFR 20/20 is a modern facial recognition time and attendance system for up to 500 employees. The versatile system comes with useful features such as department transfers, custom rounding, overtime calculator, automatic lunch deduction and various others. For improved managerial efficiency, the system offers extensive color-coded reports and ethernet connection for computerized access.

Clients interested in a more complex system can opt for the Amano TimeGuardian Biometric, a time clock and payroll processing system which can be easily integrated with applications such as ADP, Paychex and QuickBooks. The TimeGuardian allows employers to automate the collection and calculation of employee time records, thus significantly increasing time and financial efficiency.

Employee Time Clocks also provides a wide range of other employee time management systems, including self totaling time clocks, computerized punch clocks and many others.

A satisfied client said, “Employee Time Clocks really helped to solve our workforce management issues with their cloud-based employee time clock solution. Their support is equally impressive and we recommend them highly.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.