Go for a Brunch!

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(Newswire.net — July 18, 2018) — The fashionable time to have your first meal of the day falls somewhere between breakfast and lunch. A brunch can surely make your day.

Removing the need to get up early on Sunday, having brunch gives new life to Saturday night. It is social, and it spreads good mood and makes you forget about the stress of the coming week.

Going back to 1895, in an article that was published  in a British magazine, Guy Beringer was the one who first introduced an official name for a habit that more than a century later is still gathering more and more enthusiastic supporters. Instead of getting up early in the morning on a Sunday, he suggested a new type of meal, which would be a relaxing transition from the previous evening and a special moment before the week begins. He came up with concept of a brunch. We thank him for this contribution!

Despite his British origins, the brunch has enjoyed its greatness in the U.S. and after succeeding in traveling the world; it has been appearing in the last few years in the U.S. with more frequency and on a larger scale. You can either have brunch in New York City or have a Sunday brunch Bali  which is served in many restaurants. Whether we are dining out or at home, the brunch is sure to attract an audience and is the new popular trend. As it smartly denotes via its word-play based name, the brunch is something served between breakfast and lunch, to serve as a substitute for both. It is traditionally served on Sundays from late morning until early afternoon and is a meal that does not have specific rules, so you will find it presented in a variety of ways.

The brunch is an opportunity for friends and relatives to meet and share the news of the week that has passed, an ideal setting for relaxing conversations along with good food, aromatic coffee or even a light cocktail. It radiates intimacy, warmth and sociability, and although it is not severely restricted by the menu, brunch is a kind of luxury, a form of gift to one’s self and friends. Its traditional connection with the weekend, in fact, gives it a rather festival, nostalgic feel. It’s a feeling that refers to childhood when someone cooks your favorite things for you and that was enough to give a positive tinge to your day.

Such a meal is an ideal occasion for home meetings. As the brunch combines two-meal items, there are plenty of recipes that can easily fit into this category while leaving room for experimentation and adaptation to specific preferences. For anyone trying to make a brunch at home, the only essential ingredients are good raw materials, companionship and a good atmosphere. However, there are some tips that will make preparing this meal easier and more enjoyable.

The rules and tips for brunch

Serve the brunch around 12 p.m. onwards. It is a meal that will replace two others and is often very basic, so it is usually not served a lot earlier. This detail leaves room for the necessary preparations with the least possible anxiety, as it is possible to take advantage of the morning to prepare the ingredients.

It is good to have a balance of choices among all food families. A variety of dairy products (cheeses or yoghurts), proteins (egg, sausages, salmon, etc.), fruits and vegetables (fruit salads, fresh or cooked vegetables), grain and cereal derivatives (various kinds of bread) as well as switching between salty and sweet dishes,  are what makes a brunch complete. Choose good quality ingredients where possible.

Include a variety of drinks and beverages. Popular beverages of a successful brunch are tea and coffee. If you decide to include alcohol, the best choices are cocktails that contain champagne and fruit juices such as Mimosa, one of the classical brunch cocktails. Champagne, in general, is a must.

It is important to decide from the beginning how to serve the brunch. A buffet service may also require a similar type of food, thus excluding certain options.

Take some time in organizing it. Take a first look at the recipes you have chosen and see what can be prepared on the day before and take note that everything should be cooked to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

Fill the table with fresh flowers and do not forget to play relaxing music.

Have fun. Try recipes and flavors  which you feel comfortable with and the preparation of which will not cause you anxiety or pressure. The purpose of this meal is for everyone to enjoy, including, of course, the cook!