Solar Companies Across Australia Compared

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( — July 23, 2018) — With the increasing cost of electric bills in the country, it is great to have alternative options to power your house. One of the most commonly used natural source of electricity in the country is solar energy. In fact, according to statistics, the solar energy industry has grown to about 69% in Australia in recent years. Thanks to the generally sunny weather in the country, the use of solar energy continues to gain more and more traction among homeowners.

While today, you have an option to buy and install one on your own, it still pays to call in an expert. Installing solar energy panels require advanced technical proficiency. You must hire a professional installer to help you. Otherwise, you might end up with broken solar panels.

Because there are tons of companies you can choose from, it’s crucial to check them one by one. Make sure that you compare solar companies in Australia before finally selecting one. Here are the best tips you can use to find the right installer.

Always ask the right questions

Check how long the company has been providing installation services. Knowing the company’s experience can help you gauge their skills. If possible, ask for the credentials of their team. How long have they been in the industry? What skills to they have? Knowing how well a company can handle a situation is highly important, especially if you have a large project.

You should also check if they are a local company. Local installers are better because they know the weather conditions in your area firsthand. As you know, solar panels are more effective when they are directly under the sun.

Choose a knowledgeable team of installers

As much as possible, you should also ask about the equipment used by the installer. They must know which types of panel work best for a specific situation. After all, the efficacy and durability of the material doesn’t just rely on its brand or make. Other factors such as constant exposure to harsh weather conditions can hasten the deterioration process of the material.

A seasoned installer will know what to do regardless of the type of property you have, the amount of shade in the area or the shape or curvature of your roof. If you want to make the most out of your investment, it’s better to choose the best of the best in the industry.

Read reviews and company comparisons

Apart from checking the company through asking questions, reading their brochures or scanning through their social media pages or websites, it’s also fairly important to listen to what their customers say about them. Read credible reviews and look for possible disadvantages of hiring such a company. What do their previous customers complain about? What do they love most about the company?

You should also try using websites like Solar Compare where you can compare every available solar installer company near you. You can check out their pricing and find their contact information all in one website. It’s always better to compare companies before you finally commit. This way, you know which company has the best offer in the city.

Check the warranty plus available finance options

The best companies always offer product warranties. Make sure to check if the warranty policy covers the entire system. Most companies only provide a short-term warranty, but they connect their customers with an affiliate repair company if anything goes wrong beyond the allotted period.

Because solar panel systems tend to be expensive, it’s crucial to ask about the available financing options that they can provide. The offers are highly dependent on where you live in the city.

We have shared three valuable tips that you can use to find the best solar company near you. It will be best to follow the tips so you can ensure the durability and efficacy of your solar panel systems. Make sure you select the right contractor to assist you.