UI Design Trends by Saad Raja to Follow in 2018

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(Newswire.net — July 23, 2018) — The user interface is equally important as user experience when it comes to judging the effectiveness of a good design. With the advent of technology, every business is striving to create an online experience that would multiply their conversion rates, and help them win the market competition. Considering this approach, every designer is in the pursuit of new and improved UI design trends that are capturing the industry in 2018.

I’m Saad Raja, a UI/UX expert and I have attempted to highlight some of these latest UI design trends that will assist you in making your online presence stronger and better.

1) Well-structured landing page

Having a structured and consistent landing page is what you really need to do. Visitors do not like scrolling through multiple pages to find what they were searching for. This will save them not only their time but the efforts of navigating here and there.

2) Use of videos

The use of videos has proved to be the latest, more engaging and dynamic replacement for write-up content. They not only catch the attention of the viewers better but save up time and enhance their productivity.

3) Selection of vibrant colors

Recently, flat UI design trends with minimal colors are substituted by vibrant and striking color palettes for designs. This captures user attention more but since flat UI designs will never get extinct, designers are encouraged to create a combination of both.

4) Addition of unique images

Designers need to consider having unique and abstract images for their designs because unless the image is original, chances are that search engines will penalize them for replicating other designs. Another concern with these images is that they must be of a high-quality to display a better brand image.

5) Grid-less approach

Even when the use of grids has allowed many beautiful designs to gain popularity, this trend has been challenged this year. People are going for more grid-less approaches that are not hindering user experiences in any way and allowing designers to be more creative with their work.

6) Designing with cards

The trend of placing cards that can hold texts, images, and links in the designs has gained massive popularity. These look extremely captivating and organized and also help users find what they need in just a flash of a second.

7) Better typography

Making use of different and unique fonts which do not hamper legibility is great for websites. Designers need to use creative lettering and vary it according to content and headings. Bigger and bolder fonts are capturing the market for better UI designs.

8) Material designs

UI designs that use material designing are gaining more and more acceptance this year because they are simple yet sharp and light at the same time. It has been many years but this trend just keeps getting improved but never gets outdated.