A Proven Clinical Condition That Can Keep You From Losing Weight

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(Newswire.net — July 25, 2018) — The desire for fitness, health, losing weight and looking good is at an all time high, as is the growing epidemic of obesity! Driving a need with more than $70 billion dollars spent in the weight loss fitness industry annually in the U.S. alone.

It seems sad with all of our medical knowhow that more people are overweight and suffering.

People are suffering from ill health and serious illnesses as a result of their lifestyle habits, as well as being kept in the dark and poorly informed.

And a very large part of the problem could be so easily fixed! But it is being blocked from normal everyday people because of a myth sold to you as scientific truth.

There are actually countless studies to the contrary of this myth. Studies that show excessive cardio work, low salt intake and even certain vegetables can be working against you.

Cutting down on and at times cutting out carbohydrates all together can be counterproductive and work against the natural fat burning processes of your body.

“I went along with, believed in and even trusted these health and fitness, weight loss rule of thumb concepts for most of my adult life,” said former Marine fitness expert, Kyle Cooper.

“I followed slavishly these established rules for over 10 years until, through sheer chance, my eyes were opened to a new way of thinking, which was a combination of science backed ancient Asian wisdom.”

Kyle goes on to explain his incredibly popular, successful weight loss program, The Fat Decimator.

He tells a story of how a Korean medical student aided him, then enlightened him after he nearly died on active duty in Afghanistan.

This young student of medicine (now doctor), by the name of Samual Pak, shared with Kyle his belief that much of the knowledge used in the west for fitness and weight loss was predominately wrong! Samual thought it to be careless and ineffective. And he had the evidence to prove it.

“Samual really did open my eyes, that day and at a time when I really needed it most,” Kyle continues. “And the one massive thing that sticks out the most.”

There is a medically known condition called metabolic acidosis that was and is already widely known about.

A condition where the body cannot effectively get rid of food acids. This causes the body to fight back, and it does it by storing fat to use as a defence against this overproduction and retention of acid.

When suffering from metabolic acidosis, there is nothing you can do to lose weight in the form of body fat. Try as hard as you like but it is unlikely to work. Because the body is going to be fighting you every step of the way for its own survival.

There is plenty of clinical information and studies to back this up. Metabolic acidosis can be the prime culprit for why more than 93.6% of people find it incredibly difficult to loose body fat. Just too hard to significantly reduce their weight and maintain it.

The good news for all of us though is that science has shown us we can stop this process and even better, we can completely reverse it.

“How to become aware of and educate yourself beyond Metabolic Acidosis is what our program is all about,” Kyle says.

“Fat Decimator is designed specifically to work with your body, to promote your effective natural processes for fat loss. Unlike most people’s lifestyles that work against them.”

“Since leaving the army I decided it is my life’s calling to share this strategy with as many people as I can.” Kyle went onto say. “And I’m proud and humbled when I think that over 50,000 people have already transformed their bodies and their lives.”

In The Fat Decimator program, Kyle will teach you exactly what metabolic acidosis is and how to reverse it and use this knowledge to your advantage.

He will be pulling back the veil, allowing you to discover the truth, dispelling all of the hyped weight loss myths that may well have been holding you back also.

It’s your time to discover the secrets about weight loss that over 50,000 others already know. Find out what has been hidden for so long.

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