Experts Now Reveal the Biggest Digestive Differences in Men and Women

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( — August 1, 2018) Orlando, FL — Men and women have long been found to have different physiology, especially when it comes to the digestive system. According to experts, gender actually decides which troubles one will get.

Hashem El-Serag, MD, chief of the gastroenterology section at Baylor College of Medicine, states that men churn out more stomach acid than women do.

They also tend to have extra fat storage around their middle, which worsens chronic reflux.

In the last decade, it has been found that the rate of acid reflux and heartburn sufferers weekly increased up to almost 50 percent. This is believed to be due to the increasing rate of obesity.

Women, on the other hand, tend to suffer from an upset stomach. They are more at risk of dyspepsia, or upper abdominal pain. It also often comes with bloating and nausea.

William E. Whitehead, PhD, says there may be worsening of symptoms like diarrhea and bloating during the phases or a woman’s cycle. This is actually when there are extreme hormonal changes.

Whitehead is the director of the Center for Functional GI & Motility Disorders at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

According to scientists, the male hormones may potentially provide some sort of protection against irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This disorder affects the large intestine and it triggers diarrhea, gassiness, and constipation.

In addition to not being prone to IBS, males also have colons that run like clockwork. It has been found that a man’s colon is around 8 centimeters shorter than a female’s. What makes it even more beneficial is that it empties out faster, and this is why men are less likely to suffer from constipation.

No matter what the difference is in the digestive system of men and women, health experts continue to advise taking the necessary measures to protect it. When the digestive system and function are disrupted, it could lead to a variety of undesirable health consequences.

One way to protect and improve digestive system and function is to make sure the body has adequate levels of digestive enzymes. These proteins are essential due to the fact that they take care of breaking down food.

What makes them even more important is that they make sure nutrients from foods are absorbed inside the body.

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