Jackson Hole WY Portrait Photographer Pet Adoption Center Photoshoot Completed

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(Newswire.net — July 27, 2018) — Florence McCall, a renowned photographer based in Jackson Hole, WY, has donated her time at a local animal shelter by doing a professional photoshoot of the animals that were up for adoption. The aim was to help them get more exposure through the use of high quality photos, ensuring they are more likely to find their forever home.

More information can be found at https://lensandleash.com/portrait-photography-jackson-hole-wy/.

Florence McCall has over 20 years’ experience photographing a wide range of subjects, from families to athletes, business people and artists. Her special focus is on capturing the love and joy of the subjects, and a wide variety of her work is up on her website on the URL above.

Previous portraits include subjects like families, kids, seniors at school, professionals in the workplace, commercials, studio work, athletes, and animals.

Now she has turned her attention to the rescue animals at Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter. When animals get surrendered, abandoned or lost, there is always hope for a brighter future, and Florence aims to help them find their next home through high quality photography.

One of the things that separates Florence McCall from other photographers is her ability to capture the heart of her subjects. This was an especially useful skill in the animal rescue shelter photographs, because the imagery gives the pets chance to connect with potential owners.

Each of the animals in Jackson/Teton County Animal Shelter has a story to tell, and this is captured in the photographs of Florence McCall.

The project is all about tapping into the personality of the pets, rather than simply looking at their appearance. Through capturing their character shining through their eyes, Florence hopes that they will be able to connect with new owners across the country.

Among the pets photographed in the shoot are Honey, an adult female pit bull/terrier mix; Prince, a basenji mix; Domino, a female pitt bull; and Willow.

Further information and images of the pets can be found at https://lensandleash.com/the-love-in-their-eyes.