New Jersey Industrial Roof Waterproofing Commercial Spray Foam Service Announced

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( — August 1, 2018) — Hackettstown, New Jersey-based company Envirotite has announced specialized commercial roofing, industrial waterproofing and protective spray foam services. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the company offering construction application services to the New Jersey area.

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Leaky roofs, issues with secondary containment and concerns about chemical spillage can be alleviated and fixed through protective waterproofing and spray foam services. Envirotite offers expertise in these applications, is fully compliant with EPA requirements and offers full warranties to their customers.

The company specializes in commercial and industrial problem solving and will work closely with each client to assess the preventative measures required to avoid leaks, spills and other problems.

Commercial roof coating is a cost effective, environmental and renewable application that insulates and inhibits rust and stops leaks before they happen. Metal roof restoration services are also available to refurbish aging metal with a protective coating.

Additional roofing services include leak detection, infrared scanning and seam repair and coating. The systems offered by Envirotite are compatible with any type of existing roof configuration including built up, single-ply, metal roof and spray polyurethane foam roofing.

The secondary containment services offered by the company utilize a polyuria spray elastomer technology, which protects both the building and the environment. The application offers a fast-set solution and fully meets the containment rules for hazardous materials.

The polyurea systems stay flexible at low temperatures, which prevents common cracking issues. For containment areas where solid substrates are not present, the polyurea application works in tandem with geomembranes to provide low shrinkage characteristics for the entire area.

Protective coating applications include commercial waterproofing, polyurea roof coatings, foam coatings, chemical agent resisting coating, corrosion protective coating and deck surface restorations. Insulation services are applied using spray polyurethane foam, which is a liquid sprad that expands in size to permeate, fill and seal cavities, providing complete insulation.

The company has been in business for 15 years and has received many positive reviews for their work. One online testimonial reads, “Affordable, Sustainable, Incredible… Envirotite runs a tight ship, covering every detail”. Interested customers can find more information at the link above.