Berberine Found to be a Strong Anti-inflammatory

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( — August 9, 2018) Orlando, FL — According to experts, humans can’t live without inflammation. While this is absolutely true, it is important to understand that when it gets chronic it can be detrimental to health.

Berberine has been found to be a strong anti-inflammatory. There is a myriad of medications that are formulated to fight inflammation. There are also anti-inflammatory diets that are followed by many people. However, not all are aware what inflammation really is.

Inflammation is actually the response of the body from infection, stress, or toxic chemicals. While it is beneficial, it becomes disadvantageous when it gets chronic.

According to Mansour Mohamadzadeh, PhD, director of the Center for Inflammation and Mucosal Immunology at the University of Florida, inflammation is friendly to the body in a healthy situation.

Unfortunately, chronic inflammation is harmful, and it could trigger a variety of diseases and disorders. It can also be caused by intake of sugary and fatty foods, virus, autoimmune disorder, and bacteria.

There are many benefits of inflammation and this includes its ability to fight infection and prepare the body from emotional stress. However, it can also be harmful to gut health.

It is important to understand that quite a number of the body’s immune cells typically cluster around the intestines. In most cases, these immune cells tend to ignore the trillions of healthy bacteria that can be found in the gut.

When tolerance is broken, and the body’s immune cells start to react to the bacteria, it leads to chronic inflammation.

There are actually many undesirable health consequences of having chronic inflammation inside the body. This is why there are many people who resort to various measures just to fight inflammation inside the body.

It is always best to prevent chronic inflammation than spend a huge amount of energy and money in treating the conditions it causes. One of the ways to fight inflammation is to simply use berberine.

This natural remedy has long been used for various medicinal purposes. Today, it is widely taken through supplementation, such as the use of Divine Bounty Berberine formula.

It has been found that in lab and living organisms, berberine offers anti-inflammatory activity. In a Chinese study involving mice, it was found that this natural remedy was also able to reduce inflammation caused by dust mite allergens.

This healing ingredient was also able to reduce inflammation not just in the liver, but also fat tissues. This healing result was observed in animal models of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Using Divine Bounty Berberine formula could be an excellent way to experience the anti-inflammatory effects of this natural remedy. This supplement is highly potent and pure, and is protected with a customer satisfaction guarantee (

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