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( — August 2, 2018) Melbourne, Melbourne — Interior Design Maven, Katerina Kapellaki is hosting an exclusive, VIP retreat on the island of Crete September 23-28, 2018. The breathtaking views and Mediterranean luxury are not only the perfect location for a ‘reset’ for business owners in the real estate industry but will provide a valuable environment for the high-level mastermind.

At this week-long retreat, approved guests will enjoy 6-star service on the heavenly Santorini and Crete Islands. During the week, they will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with industry professionals on a global scale.

The retreat is titled “DesignerBlueVIP”. In addition to break out sessions by the speakers, Kapellaki will immerse the guests deep into the azure energy of the Greek islands. A native of Greece and an expert at transforming the beauty and energy of space, she’ll also be hosting a wine tasting, gourmet food, and a few tours across the cerulean waters of the Greek islands.

This retreat boasts a unique set of professionals in a variety of industries who have proven their ability to transform the mindset and bottom line of hundreds of businesses. These professionals include:

Doug Crowe
His company, Authority Fusion, has produced over 200 #1 Amazon bestsellers and his launch team routinely puts authors and businesses in the media spotlight. As a certified journalist with 2 News agencies, Crowe will be sharing insider secrets to “NewsJacking”… a unique and powerful method to use trending stories in the media and leveraging it for a business. His clients include producers’ of Hollywood blockbuster movies, like Pretty Woman and Under Siege, NASCAR, executives from Pepsi, Vistage and hundreds of other private firms.

Zed Nasheet
Zed Nasheet has listed and sold $82 million worth of real estate in the last 60 days! Aged only 27, he’s been in the game around eight years and recently opened his own agency, listing $45 million worth of property in the first two months. Last year alone he racked up $220,000 gross commission in a single month after selling $30 million worth of real estate. Zed is known as the “fastest selling realtor” and his proprietary methods of selling real estate have transformed ordinary careers into 7-figure income streams. It matters not if you are a broker, agent or investor. In order to flourish in real estate, speed and volume will overcome any obstacles and Zed will help participants achieve that.

Kaila Carroso
It seems nearly everyone is a social media expert today. The real trick, according to Carroso, is to not just keep social media “social” but to create communities and followers who are like-minded and prepared to buy. Too many people either focus on the extreme ends of “selling” or being “overly social.” She will be demonstrating her superpowers of creating the perfect balance in this perennial platform. At age 27, Kaila has been behind the branding, marketing strategies and successful social media campaigns for brands such as; Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Sydney), Splendour in The Grass (Australia’s greatest music festival), F45 Training (fastest growing global fitness network), Vivid Winter Festival of Art (Sydney’s annual winter festival of light projection, art & ideas) to name a few.

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Katerina Kapellaki does real estate makeovers for property owners, investors and other affluent individuals. Her international skill span across 5 continents. Previously Katerina has fronted a TV show and Radio Show on Interior design in the USA. She is a sought-after columnist and writer and has written for upmarket magazines on interior design. She’s been published in over 100 media publications internationally.

Kapellaki has her own high-end furniture label and held numerous international masterclasses including the elite Emirates Hills in Dubai. Over the past 4 years Katerina has been invited to judge on the HIA Panel and over her lifetime she has helped hundreds of clients from all over the globe create more wealth and financial freedom.

About Designer Blue VIP

Join us for a week in the majestic Greek Islands for the experience of a lifetime! In this 5 day, 6 star VIP Retreat you will not only get to experience the heavenly Santorini and Crete Islands whilst getting the opportunity to connect and collaborate with new industry people on a global scale…. but you will totally transform your mindset and your business to attract an abundance of wealth to your life. Learn the fundamentals of molding your business model as you create wealth and financial freedom. Connect with passionate people from all around the world as you learn from thought leaders in property, interior design, architecture, property development and real estate.

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