Trucker Necklace Funny Texts Pendant Custom Designs Gift Collection Launched

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( — August 3, 2018) — Abarelco, an online store offering a variety of clothing and fashion accessories, updated its collection of necklaces to provide thousands of unique designs on themes such as family, hobbies, sports, social causes and others. The necklaces are free of lead, nickel, cadmium and other toxic compounds and printed in the US using high-quality technology to ensure improved durability.

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Jewelry has always been among the most popular gift ideas, reports showing that they are appreciated by both men and women. Printed necklaces can be an ideal present for friends or family while also making stylish and versatile accessories for everyday wearing.

The new collection from Abarelco provides a wide range of high-quality silver-zinc alloy necklaces available in thousands of unique designs.

Customers will find U.S. printed necklaces with funny texts such as “I Just Dropped A Load” (trucker’s necklace), “OCD – Obsessive Cat Disorder”, “Wish You Were Beer”, “What Do You Call Friends Who Love Math? – Algebros” and many others.

All necklaces are U.S. printed and tested by SGS labs to ensure that they are free of lead, nickel, cadmium and other toxic metals.

Abarelco is an online store offering a vast collection of apparel, necklaces, phone cases, mugs and other products, all available in thousands of custom designs. The company uses high-quality materials and cutting-edge printing technology to ensure that its products are durable and maintain their quality even after years of extensive use. As well as providing its proprietary designs, the store can also print custom texts, logos and other designs, upon request.

“We created a store that offers a huge range of products, with hundreds of items and growing fast. We’re dedicated to supplying only the best quality products, custom printed to order from six print locations across USA”, said an Abarelco spokesperson. “We offer our clients highly personalized products based on their profile, with great customer service for a stress-free shopping experience. Plus, we can also print custom design for our clients using the same quality as our standard apparel.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.