Pegimane Love, Facebook Breakup?

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( — August 6, 2018) Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES — We often equate business monopolies with large corporates who raise prices and lower standards across a wide market with their influence. However, we do not always consider a monopoly to involve a service that we willingly use for free.

With the various data protection issues being raised in Senate hearings and throughout the political and legal arenas, the general public, and the country’s decision-makers, are becoming increasingly aware of just how much influence social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google actually hold. And the question is being asked, are these social media and internet sites a new version of corporate monopolies?

Social Media Monopolies?

When looking at user numbers, Facebook, along with its WhatsApp and Messenger users, equates to a huge 5 billion active users, compared to its next closest social media competitor, Twitter, with a mere 336 million active users. Twitter, SnapChat and Pinterest users combined don’t even come close to Instagram.

Another issue of a monopoly with social networking sites who hold so much non-transparent information and influence is that they have the ability to limit potential competition. Facebook saw the influence and potential of Instagram and WhatsApp, which is why they bought them out. Also Facebook saw the popularity of Snap Chat’s innovative use of video’s,  so they introduced a similar feature through Stories on Instagram, which may have the effect of stunting Snapchat’s growth potential.

The unaccountable influence that sites like Facebook have over a huge population is a sobering thought. Combine this with the data protection issues they have experienced and the potential election-meddling issues that have been raised, it is easy to see why some lawmakers are calling for a rethink on what defines a monopoly.

Pegimane: Innovation Over Big Business

It is this questioning of why have we willingly handed over so much of our personal information, influence and control to a group of tech wizards to do with as they see fit, that has led to more and more users turning to smaller, more innovative groups who aren’t interested in holding so much social, economic and political influence over us and our society. is a new and innovative social networking site designed specifically for like-minded people, offering users a place to share their travel adventures with whomever they choose, gather and share travel advice and tips, and make life-long friends along the way.

Backed by a small group of business and tech-savvy individuals, is perfect for those travelling throughout South East Asia and the surrounding areas.


The ground-breaking social media app that is is Indonesia at its best. With the goal to offer users a place to genuinely connect with people, Pegimane is the biggest thing in travel to hit Indonesia.

For further information, head to today. Any investor enquiries, please contact the Investor Helpline on 1-800-869-1209.

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