Art Could Significantly Help Boost Self-Esteem

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( — August 13, 2018) Wilmington, DELAWARE — In the attempt to conform to society’s standards on how one should be, many people lose sight of who they truly are. Being lost triggers many to have low self-esteem due to inadequate sense of self-worth and who they really are.

There are several ways to boost self-esteem, and one is to turn to art therapy. According to some experts, developing artistic skills allows people to tap into their authentic selves in order to be happier.

According to Mallory Denison, New York-based Creative Arts Therapist, art can be helpful to increase compassion in one’s self and in others. Building an inward connection is considered to be a core exercise for individuals who want to work on their self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, and happiness. Art therapy allows people to express themselves freely without fear of judgment.

One of the art exercises is to tap into one’s inner child. This could be done in a combination of good mood, nice music, and some art materials. It is best to have a mindset to involve in a creative process without judgment, such as not thinking about creating a masterpiece.

Participants may then draw and just give into the creative process. According to some experts, this allows one to connect to their inner child. This could be made successfully when they think about their good childhood memories.

Another exercise is to use a vision board, which involves jotting down goals, current situation, and the changes to be made. This allows people to focus on the goals they truly want to achieve as well as a sense of self-worth. If they have a clear understanding of what they want to become, they’ll be able to see how valuable they are regardless of their current situation.

The next projects are the inner vs. outer self-mask making, writing a love letter to one’s self, painting a self-portrait, and making affirmation cards.

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