Morgantown Wv Home Builder Modular Home Models for Sale Clearance Announced

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( — August 7, 2018) — Morgantown, West Virginia-based homebuilder Paradise Homes has announced that five of their available display model homes are now available on clearance. Customers can save thousands of dollars on the building of their home by purchasing one of these clearance models.

The 5 clearance models on offer are the Manorwood Jasper Cape Cod, New Era Heritage Ranch, Commodore Pinecrest, Commodore Forever Home, and Commodore Blazer Elite, as well as all sectional homes on their lot.

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These homes will be delivered, set, and finished on the buyer’s property by the experts at Paradise Homes. Their team also offers site preparation and foundation construction, as well as the construction of garages, porches, driveways, and other finishing touches to make your new house feel like home.

Benefits for choosing a modular home over the traditional home building method are that it is more cost effective, takes less time and is better for the environment. The houses are constructed in a controlled off-site environment and are designed to withstand all weather and external forces.

All homes use designs and materials of the same code as traditional building method, the difference is that they can be constructed in about half the time. Customers can be in their new home in a matter of weeks after they make the purchase, rather than months as with traditional construction.

In terms of structure, modular homes are generally stronger than traditionally built homes as they are constructed in modules and designed to withstand the rigors of transportation. Once they arrive to the site and are constructed and sealed, the finished product becomes one integrated wall, floor and roof unit.

The method of building off-site ensures better construction quality management, which ultimately gives the customer a more reliable end product. The method of modular building is also more sustainable as building in a controlled environment reduces waste.

The clearance promotion is only running for a limited time, so customers interested in purchasing a new home are encouraged to get in touch with Paradise Homes as soon as possible to ensure availability. More information can be found at the link above.