Studies Now Suggest Rhodiola Could Fight Depression

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( — August 14, 2018) Orlando, FL — Health care providers normally prescribe antidepressant medications to their patients. However, it is important to remember that natural remedies like Rhodiola Rosea have been found useful against depression.

In 2015, a group of researchers conducted a concept trial to determine that safety and efficacy of Rhodiola Rosea in the treatment of mild to moderate depression.

This natural remedy has actually long been believed to be an effective herbal antidepressant. In some reports, it has even been suggested that Rhodiola Rosea is a better treatment that pharmaceutical antidepressants in fighting mild to moderate depression.

In this study, the researchers compared the effects of Rhodiola Rosea and a popular pharmaceutical antidepressant.

It was found that the natural remedy was able to produce the same therapeutic benefits.

What makes it more beneficial is it caused less side effects than the medication.

The World Health Organization even reveals that major depression is the top cause of disability among mental and behavioral disorders.

In 2015, it was found that an estimated number of 16.1 million adults 18 years old and above in the United States had a minimum of one major depressive episode. This number means that in the country, 6.7 percent of the population is affected by it.

In another study conducted in 2007, it was found that the use of this natural remedy led to significant improvements in insomnia, depressive symptoms, emotional instability, and somatization.

More and more experts actually warn against the dangers of depression that is not properly addressed. This is why it is best for sufferers to seek help and get the treatment they may benefit from.

It is worth mentioning that depression can reduce the quality of life of sufferers. It may even lead to suicide without treatment.

Rhodiola rosea may be a helpful remedy against the condition. In a study in 2008 involving depressive rats, it was found that it has adaptogenic mechanisms that can potentially reverse stress-induced depression.

Scientists also suggest that this natural remedy may aid in appetite changes linked with depression.

This amazing natural remedy has many healing effects to offer. This is why many are considering its use through supplementation, particularly Divine Bounty Rhodiola Rosea.

This formula is highly potent and pure, which are some of the reasons why many consumers believe it is superior over other brands. It is free from nasty ingredients like binders, fillers, GMOs and preservatives.

Divine Bounty Rhodiola Rosea could be an excellent source of this amazing natural remedy.


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