Plastic Machining Company Drives Leads With Directory Services

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( — August 8, 2018) — Plastic Machining Company (PMC) has found PlasticStar premium services to be a valuable driver for lead generation that meets their return on investment goals. By utilizing PlasticStar’s premium directory listing service, Plastic Machining Company has seen significant growth in their online presence, leading to long-term, prominent search engine placement for the solutions PMC provides.

While chemical companies like Dow Chemical and capital equipment manufacturers like Thermwood benefit from a basic listing, Plastic Machining Company’s premium listing unlocks the full potential of the PlasticStar material sourcing platform. It all starts with an expanded comprehensive company profile detailing Plastic Machining Company’s reverse engineering, OEM replacement, and custom parts machining services. All press, news, and other content about PMC are listed in an easy to navigate format, further guiding and funneling customers to a sale.

Through an intuitive tab-based layout, potential customers can efficiently browse locations, markets served, products, and services. Showcased are Plastic Machining Company’s power transmission components, including gears, pulleys, sprockets, and bearings, to name a few, as well as conveyor and wear parts, replacement Poly Hi-Solidur catalog parts, custom machining and reverse engineering services, and plastic sheet, rod, and tube.

Within weeks of upgrading to a PlasticStar premium directory listing, Plastic Machining Company found an influx of ready-to-purchase leads that could be serviced, without costly dead-end leads that waste time and increase overhead. PlasticStar attributes the high quality leads they provide to a carefully curated premium listing with proven lead capture capabilities.

PlasticStar’s sourcing platform organizes all premium directory content into one easy to navigate webpage, eliminating the need to scroll or navigate multiple sites. When visiting a premium directory listing, leads are encouraged to fill out a quote request form that captures all vital information about the customer without alienating them. By capturing requests directly on the discovery platform, PlasticStar has demonstrated customers are up to 60% more likely to contact the Company.

Premium directory listings like Plastic Machining Company’s link to their content across multiple channels (PlasticStar email and online newsletters, media outlets, and social media platforms), generating targeted exposure to purchasing agents, procurement specialists, and contractors in PMC’s serviced industries. And all content gets indexed by major search engines, creating lasting permanence for search terms Plastic Machining Company customers use.

If you’re a player in material supply, capital equipment, fabrication, machining, or other materials science industry and wish to elevate your marketing efforts, give your brand an extensive reach to over 50,000 e-mail subscribers and 200,000 unique website visitors by enlisting PlasticStar premium directory services today. Give us a call at 855-245-6342 to get started.

With more than 40 years of materials science and capital equipment sales and marketing expertise, PlasticStar accelerates our partners into the digital age, providing an online presence with maximum impact. Our advanced analytics and online reputation management techniques focus on consumers at different phases of the purchasing process, helping to create the shortest path to a sale and keeping customers coming back with captivating content relevant to them. Let us show you how PlasticStar will exceed your lead generation marketing return-on-investment goals. Call us at 855-245-6342 now to get started.