Red Blood Cells Turn Yellow When They Die

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( — August 27, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming —  Unsurprisingly, bilirubin is hardly known outside the medical fraternity. The detection of excess amount of this chemical in urine can indicate an issue with jaundice, anemia and liver conditions. Bilirubin is a chemical by-product of red blood cells breaking down when they’re too old to function anymore but if hemolytic anemia occurs too much, bilirubin may be produced leading to jaundice as well. 

“Bilirubin is a yellowish substance made during the body’s normal process of breaking down red blood cells,” informs Medline Plus. “Bilirubin is found in bile, a fluid in your liver that helps you digest food. If your liver is healthy, it will remove most of the bilirubin from your body. If your liver is damaged, bilirubin can leak into the blood and urine. Bilirubin in urine may be a sign of liver disease.” 

If a high concentration of bilirubin is discovered in one’s urine then it’s highly likely that a liver disease is responsible for this and cholestasis is one of the most common types around. A host of issues can develop when bilirubin gets backed-up in bile instead of being properly filtered through as normal hence conducting routine urinalysis is key to staying on top of one’s health. 

“Cholestasis means any condition in which bile flow is reduced or stopped,” explains The John Hopkins Hospital. “”Chole” refers to bile and “stasis” means “not moving.” Bile flow may be blocked inside the liver, outside the liver, or in both places. Symptoms may include jaundice, dark urine, pale stool, easy bleeding, itching, ascites, chills, pain from the biliary tract or pancreas and enlarged gallbladder.” 

If any combination of the aforementioned symptoms are experienced, it may be time to conduct a DIY urinalysis such as the HealthyWiser™ Complete 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips and consult a physician with the results. There are a number of things that can cause cholestasis such as alcohol induced liver diseases, the effects of drugs, hepatitis and inflammation of the pancreas just to name a few. 

“I have battled with cancer and use these test strips to help monitor my health and to potentially tip me off with anything going wrong,” shares a verified HealthyWiser™ Complete 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips customer on Amazon. “I have also used them prior to going to my general practitioner and my urologist appointments. In all cases these test results matched the office visits. Feel very comfortable with the results they indicate. It gives me a tool to use to monitor my liver and kidneys.” 

With the HealthyWiser™ Complete 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips clear answers are provided regarding a body’s bilirubin, glucose, protein pH, leukocytes, nitrites, ketones, blood, urobilinogen and specific gravity measurements. From the comfort of one’s home, all these chemicals can be accurately monitored using a single testing strip with a single sample of urine without the hassle of a doctor’s visit.

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