Four Ways Businesses Can Offer Higher Employee Satisfaction

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( — August 8, 2018) — There can be no doubt that in business, a company’s workforce is one of the most integral parts of its success. Staff productivity can be the difference between a good year and a fantastic one, and a proactive, customer-pleasing ethos or a hum-drum year that barely covers your yearly goals and aspirations. Inspiring your workers, as a business leader or manager, is, therefore, a deeply significant part of your job, and the following four tips will give you some idea as to how to get the very best performances out of your employees.

Offer Incentives

Pay rises and bonuses are the most common kind of incentive and, of course, serve to motivate staff to hit targets. Theyll stay to work extra hours or make an extra effort to close deals and interact well with customers if they know their work will be recognized and appreciated. Beyond individual motivators, getting your team to work well as a whole can be achieved through group incentives, such as work nights out or away days at a spa or hotel. Youll find all such incentives pay back in kind.

Improve Facilities

Staff will be a whole lot more glad to turn up to an office with excellent facilities, and theyll repay this enthusiasm in their workplace by producing better work with more satisfaction. Consider investing in your kitchen or canteen facilities so that your workforce is well fed, and improving communal areas, computing hardware and bathrooms so that the office in which your employees spend most of every day is a congenial and comfortable environment in which theyll feel far more laid back and able to work hard at their various roles.

Include Innovative Systems

If your employees suffer from low morale or struggle to be productive due to outdated technology, you risk not being able to unlock your business’s potential. Improve your employees’ work ethic through the inclusion of Omnia SAP eCommerce solutions which allow employees to work seamlessly with one another through real-time data. By having your data synchronized, employees can cover all areas of your business, without the risk of processing old orders, numbers and enquires. Other systems you should consider bringing onboard include an interactive HR system, which allows for your employees to book off their vacation time, manage their appraisals and upload all their data before starting their role at the company.

Ask for Feedback

As a manager, you should have individual and group feedback built into your weekly and monthly regime. In these meetings, youll highlight the areas of work in which your employees can improve, and areas in which youre particularly happy with their work. Feedback is an important mechanism for both motivation and satisfaction, telling an employee exactly what they are expected to do so that they have certain stresses removed from the job at hand. It also gives your employees an opportunity to report to you areas of the business that could be improved which, if you act on their advice, will be deeply satisfying for your workers.

Employee satisfaction is all about making their lives easier and their work more fluid and stress-free, as the above four tips attest to.