MAXPlaces Marketing CEO Mentioned Among SEO Experts in New TemplateMonster Blog

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( — August 10, 2018) — Recently, TemplateMonster published an article titled “10 Biggest Myths in SEO. What You Should Forget About in 2018,” which sheds light on SEO methods that no longer work but are still believed to be true by many.

The most important piece of information the article tries to communicate is that there are many myths surrounding SEO that dont’t necessarily reflect how SEO can truly benefit your company. As search engines are continuously evolving, the only way to remain at the top of the organic search results is through a continuous process of optimization.

The best example of this is perhaps found in the following extract, a direct quote from Brian Winum, Digital marketing Director at MAXPlaces Marketing,

‘As the digital marketing director for an agency, I am constantly bombarded with client “advice” as to what is and isn’t working in the SEO world. Some of the more common ones I hear are: “All I need to do is add keywords to my pages, right? I can even copy and paste a large list of keywords and make the text white so no one sees it but Google on my pages.” I always need to explain that this type of keyword stuffing may have worked 15 years ago but not anymore. “I don’t need links. All I need is good quality content. I read that ‘Content is King’ and link building will only get you penalized by Google. I’ll make a new blog post once a month and share it on Facebook.” I always need to explain that there is a ton more that Google looks at besides the text content on your website. “I can stop paying for SEO once I get to page 1 for all my main keywords.” I always need to explain that SEO is an ongoing process and should be considered part of your regular marketing budget for best results. Things will change; SEO is not a set it and forget it medium. Google updates their algorithm, new competitors enter the playing field, etc.’

MAXPlaces has grown to become one of the leading Digital Marketing Firms offering affordable search engine optimization and online marketing services. MAXPlaces has worked with clients across many different industries including, Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, a leading plastic surgeon in NYC; Couristan, an icon of style for its custom area rugs and residential carpeting; and LMSTech, a NY based IT support firm. As SEO techniques evolve so does the MAXPlaces team to assure they provide each client with the best possible services.

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