Why You Should Get a Family Dog Today

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(Newswire.net — August 10, 2018) — According to the American Pet Product Association, approximately 44% of households in the U.S. have at least one dog. This is how popular these furry friends are in the U.S.

Dogs can be your companion and provide you with many benefits. If you do not already have a dog then it is time to introduce your family to one.

There are some breeds of dogs that are known as family dogs. These include Beagle, Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever.

All these breeds are extremely friendly and safe, hence perfect for families.

If you are a parent concerned for the well being of your family with a dog around, then bring a dog from one of these breeds and you will have nothing to complain about.

Now without much ado, let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should get a family dog today.

They Are Amazing Companions for Your child

Dogs are amazing companions. They will keep your children busy and not let them feel lonely. This is especially important and helpful if your kid is the only child in the house and has no siblings to play with.

According to research, having a dog can have a positive impact on your child’s mood, as dogs are always happy around family and it’s difficult to remain upset when you’re around such positivity. They might even sleep at your feet!

They Help You Get Exercise

Have you been trying to lose a few extra pounds? Dogs can help you with that.

Dogs love to play around and run. By taking your dog out for walks and indulging in their playful activities they can help you get off the couch and get some exercise.

They Protect Your Kids

Dogs can help keep your kids out of trouble. They keep the bullies away and prevent your kids from getting into fights. They even protect your kids from strangers and can guard them as well.

They basically act as personal bodyguards.

They Keep Your Children Active

Most dogs are playful at all the time. This can be extremely helpful to keep your child from getting out of control especially if they are hyperactive.

Constantly playing with a dog or chasing it will help drain your child’s energy and keep him or her away from causing any trouble.

They Reduce Anxiety

Studies suggest that having a playful dog can significantly improve your mood. They are there for you when you’re not at your best.

In fact, dogs can smell when you are low and would try different tricks to make you smile. Having someone by your side during such times can help reduce stress and anxiety.

They Can Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System

According to studies, children who grow up with a dog tend to get less sick throughout their lives.

Dogs have different kinds of germs and bacteria that your child builds up immunity against. This immunity later helps to fight against other germs, allowing them to grow to be healthy and fit.

Dogs Offer Protection

They can safeguard your house when you’re asleep. They stay alert even at night and can also alert you by barking as soon as someone comes around your home.

Dogs such as Rottweiler or German Shepherds can be extremely effective in such scenarios.

Getting a dog is a good idea as robbers are less likely to attack if they know you have a dog. So make sure to place a board outside for added security.

They Make Your Kids More Responsible

You can assign different duties to your children to make them responsible. For example, one can take the dog for a walk and the other can feed the pet.

The benefits of having a family dog are obvious. Waste no time and get yourself a dog today, but make sure to train him well.