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( — August 17, 2018) — The day may eventually arrive when a business owner looks around at the office and thinks, “Something needs to change here.” It may be that they are not attracting enough customers, visitors complain of the interiors, the walls and floors are old and grimy, or there is a unique aesthetic vision that they want to be realized. Here in Chicago renovation can mean the difference between a wonderful inviting interior and a space where customers don’t want to return. This is where Chicago commercial remodeling company LBR Construction comes into play.

Making the decision to renovate a business may not come lightly. In fact, it takes some careful consideration to determine that a business’ physical interior is a key factor in diminishing sales. It’s not uncommon for outside consultants to be the ones to point out serious interior problems. Another strategy is to survey customers. In this case, a retail business may ask customers if their shopping experience was poor and if it was related at all to the aesthetics or layout of the store. A pattern of discomfort felt in the physical space could be a cause for concern—and an indication to call a Chicago office renovation specialist.

Issues with an interior space can also include (but is not limited to): poorly planned space usage (whole sections going to waste,) mold growing in the drywall (creating a health hazard,) a dark, gloomy or uninviting atmosphere, old paneling, outdated or rusty fixtures, old wooden floorboards (potentially attracting termites,) large-scale plumbing issues or an interior that’s just darn ugly and in desperate need of an aesthetic makeover. Chicago renovation teams maintain the expert skill needed to tackle a variety of different problems, and to work closely to help realize a particular vision set forth by the owners of the property.

While interior renovation is a business expense to deal with, it can also be an opportunity. For instance, a gym that’s planning a large-scale renovation could use it as a marketing strategy. By informing customers that the new-and-improved gym is set to open at a particular date, this may reinvigorate old members to return and check out the improvements. It can even be used to attract attention to a business through press releases. A headline like “X business set to reopen with brand new interiors” could pop up in a local newspaper column that caters to supporting local businesses.

In addition, the renovation project can boost the morale of the employees. Returning to work in a fresh, brand-new space can make a big difference if those same employees have been dealing with an ugly interior for a long time. As any Feng Shui expert would say—a “low energy” working space can affect the morale of the inhabitants. Similar to the way that an unmade bed dampens the mood of a bedroom, a poorly designed interior can prevent employees from working to their full potential.

When looking for a Chicago renovation specialist to tackle such a complex project, many would be smart to choose a team with integrity and experience in this area. LBR Construction Services L.L.C. has a tremendous amount of combined experience in retail construction from serving the Chicago area.

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