East Meadow NY Security Camera Home Installation Packages Launched

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(Newswire.net — August 14, 2018) — East Meadow, NY security camera provider Concepts Automated announced the launch of new packages covering the installation of home security cameras. The affordable installation packages include the setup of hardware and software with recording and remote monitoring capabilities.

More information about Concepts Automated is available at http://longislandsecuritycam.com.

The Long Island home security surveillance products company offers three installation packages for different camera types – dome cameras, bullet cameras, and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) IP cameras.

The purchase of a package includes the camera hardware, a 1080P DVR with motion detection capabilities, a 1 TB hard drive to store recordings, and 100 feet of cabling installation per camera. All installations include the setup and demonstration of a remote viewing system through a computer or handheld device.

According to national think-tank Urban Institute, the use of security cameras cannot replace effective law enforcement strategy but provides citizens and police with access to additional resources that may result in the capture of perpetrators of violent or property crimes.

Concepts Automated installs indoor and outdoor security cameras based on an initial customer consultation followed by a survey of a home’s layout, ingress, and egress points.

The Nassau County home security camera company’s system provides homeowners with access to a real-time video feed from all security cameras on a handheld or desktop device. The system also alerts the owner or resident to any incursions.

According to a spokesperson for the East Meadow HD security camera installation company, “We are happy to make new camera installation bundles available to the East Meadow community. Our affordable, high-quality tamper-resistant system is designed to help owners watch over the interior and exterior environs of their homes and initiate a quick response to any home events.”

Concepts Automated is a home security solutions provider headquartered in Long Island. The veteran-owned surveillance products & services company serves customers across the boroughs of Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan. More information is available over the phone at 516-500-7033 and at the URL above.