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( — August 14, 2018) — Nutrition of the Future has today made available a free comprehensive report on the prevalence and importance of the microbiome entitled: “That Gut Feeling – 5 Reasons to be Pro-Microbes”.

The report has been written mostly to be relevant to anyone who is health conscious and proactive about their nutrition and diet. It should also serve to broaden the reader’s scope of understanding with regards to their bodies’ place in the great ecosystem of our world.

The report’s primary aim is to reveal that the microbiome is inescapable and that it’s with us (and in us) from the moment we’re born until the day we die. Tristin Redpath, author of the report, explains that this report gives valuable information that will ultimately benefit the reader by dispelling from their minds the unrealistic and unwarranted propaganda against “germs” in the commercially driven war for domestic “hygiene”.

Tristin Redpath also states that the report was written mainly with mothers in mind, “We want mothers and others to understand the ubiquity and power of the microbiome / we also want people to know that even in this little-understood field, we already know that the health and composition of their microbiome will affect every aspect of their lives. People need not be intimidated by these facts, but rather, empowered to become more extensively involved in their overall health and wellbeing.”

It is worth noting that Tristin Redpath, both independently and now as a director of this company, has been researching the topic of the microbiome and other nutrition-focused areas for the last 8 years. Nutrition of the Future is in a unique position to produce this report and distribute it to all interested parties, as it has gained a particular insight into the Health & Wellness market.

Its unique position within its industry gives it the authority to produce a reliable report that manages to reveal that the microbiome is not only an ever-present, organic phenomenon but also to bring to light the facts that the health of our microbiome determines the state of our own health and even our personalities.

When asked about why they released the report at this time, Seth Collett, CEO at Nutrition of the Future said: “We are very excited about sharing this information with the public. We hope that these facts will relieve the anxieties that have been cultivated by the fear-mongering of domestic cleaning product campaigns. People should be excited to know that we are far more integrated in this world than we may believe. By taking this information further, caring for and cultivating the healthier microbes we share our bodies with, we may discover unimaginable levels of wellbeing. .”

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