ClipsReel Abhi Dwivedi Automated Video Generation 2018 Software Launched

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( — August 15, 2018) — Digital marketing expert and software developer Abhi Dwivedi launched ClipsReel, a new software allowing users to automatically create animated videos based on blogs, articles, websites and other digital content. The software uses machine learning and adaptive AI technology to create unique videos which can be used for a wide range of marketing purposes.

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As more and more consumers are using online resources to find information on local businesses, developing a high-visibility online profile has become essential for businesses in all industries. Video marketing seems to be among the most efficient types of digital marketing, as video content constantly outperforms both text and picture-based posts in terms of user engagement.

ClipsReel was created to help digital marketers, website and business owners and other professionals develop unique videos based on any piece of content.

The software is based on innovative machine learning and adaptive AI, identifying essential keywords in any blog, article or webpage, sourcing relevant pictures and videos, creating custom transitions and automatically combining everything into a unique animation video.

ClipsReel users can then personalize the video using their own branding, including logos, company names, contact info and many others. Additionally, the software also allows users to customize videos and pictures, add custom texts, edit transitions and manually adjust any part of the video, thus ensuring that the final product is perfectly adapted to their needs, preferences and marketing goals.

One of the most important features of the new software is the unlimited free access to tens of thousands of images, video clips and background music files, allowing users to develop professional videos without the risk of potential copyright infringement.

Finally, the software also comes with more than 50 text-to-speech voices for the creation of high-quality automated voice-overs.

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