The Role Toilet Paper Plays on UTI Development

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( — August 22, 2018) Orlando, FL — Previous studies have revealed that women are more prone to urinary tract infections due to their shorter urethras. Unfortunately, it appears that there are other factors that make them more susceptible to the infection.

According to Zoe Levin, founder of Bim Bam Boom, fluffy toilet paper could be behind UTIs, yeast infections and general irritation “down there.”

It has further been revealed that with every wipe, it discards small pieces of TP. This then results in irritation and possibly, infection.

The World Health Organization has revealed that 50 percent of women report suffering from a UTI at some point in their lives.

It is worth mentioning this is just the reported cases. When the infection develops, it causes symptoms like pain and burning sensation. It is imperative to properly address the infection to stop it from spreading to the kidneys.

Globally, UTIs are considered to be the most common bacterial infection. It is a seriously troublesome experience and is often treated by antibiotics.

According to scientists, the vagina is the most absorbent part of the body. Chemicals, glues, and dioxins can easily cause genital irritation as well as allergic reactions. Many of the toilet papers available in the market

Experts strongly recommend women should opt for a pH-friendly tissue formula. It doesn’t cause irritation and is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial by nature.

More studies are actually still underway to validate the effects of toilet paper in terms of the development of UTIs. Health authorities have long recommended resorting to the measures necessary just to reduce the risk of the infection.

In addition to choosing the right toilet paper, it is significantly helpful to increase water intake. Water works by flushing bacteria from the system, and this aids in preventing UTIs.

When the infection develops, it is often treated through the use of antibiotics. This type of medication may be helpful, but it is worth mentioning it causes side effects, which includes antibiotic resistance.

There are also natural remedies that gain more and more attention from consumers, and one is D-mannose. This natural ingredient is reputed to be a safer alternative to antibiotics.

Scientists found that it binds with bacteria and eliminate them from the body. D-mannose could be useful in preventing and treating infections.

Purest Vantage D-mannose is a formula that could be extremely helpful against UTIs. It is carefully crafted in an FDA-inspected facility in the United States to provide consumers a reliable source of D-mannose.

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