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(Newswire.net — August 17, 2018) — Judging is not productive as a constructive criticizm. Parenting is difficult, and implies huge responsiblities. On both sides. When parents did everything possible with time in hand, still toddlers end up having with some under developmental mental health issues. It’s not due to being a bad parent. It’s just a fact of life that even though people are doing their best. Guardian’s best practice isn’t very good.

This is a great way to describe the problem with smart phones and tablets as a parenting tool. If it’s the only option then a person should do what one must do. However, it’s much better if a parent can get the proper activity toys at a young age.

The best early-childhood toy? Wooden blocks. Inexpensive Aladdin’s Palace for example. The dangers of using tablets and smartphones as babysitters are well-documented. They’re the same problems as with the television and video games. So what’s the alternative?

Wooden educational toys are a big draw these days and with good reason. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are incredibly important skills. To develop a young child to learn and advance in life. Rather than giving a child a tablet to play with you. Couldn’t family members give kids something physical? Allow childern to use hands and imagination.

How Cognitive Abilities Develop

Everyone knows that newborns have the ability to cry and suck on things while understanding about the world around doesn’t come at first.

Toddler begins to develop that understanding after around a month. This is the stage where they attach emotions and sensations to specific actions. Emotions are response. Either direct or indirect threat or something that will induce pain or pleasure.

The first four months of a toddler’s life is when a small human begins putting actions together. For example, a newborn knows how to suck on things instinctively. Kids use that reflex to learn about different things around. This is what people mean when they refer to infants learning about the world with their mouth. Seeing a small child put a stuffed animal in their mouth explains why.

This is why finding educational wooden block playset could be such a great developmental wood toy. You have to get the right kind, of course. They can’t be too porous or they’ll collect mold. They have to be smooth and properly treated so there are no splinters and no harsh poisons. The product also has to be creative.

Give a try to this solid wooden learning toy for toddlers, a playing set from a company called Kubi Dubi.

What Makes Kubi Dubi Brand to Buy and Invest in Children Wood Toys Manufacturer?

This is where discussion can go on about the eco-friendly playing wooden blocks they make. Either you play inside on the kitchen or outside, at the beach or while camping. Perhaps on a birthday party. There is also a long talk about the traditional Russian consideration due to quality and natural raw material selections as careful attention is put on the production since the educational toys are for toddlers of 3 years old and up.

All of that is true, but that’s what you’d expect. If a set of wooden blocks can be sold in the United States, you can presume they’re safe. What you want to know is what makes them the best. The answer is simple.


At first glance, the Kubi Dubi catalog doesn’t look impressive. It might seem like the standard assortment of wooden blocks. That is not the case. The company designs wooden block sets to build specific structures. For instance, an imitation of Aladdin’s Palace much like plastic building block sets. But the difference is no paint or clear coat applied.

This gives Kubi Dubi learning wooden puzzles for toddlers variations and sustainability. In the first four months, the blocks are a great tool to learn about the world. Kids will becomes familiar with a variety of shapes. As the process gets used to placing blocks in different patterns as well.

Not only does Kubi Dubi help your child’s pattern recognition to develop. Kubi Dubi allows children of age 3 and up to visualize complex shapes as they get older. Once small humans learn how the blocks arranged soon curiosity will boost to learn how to put those blocks together in a specific shape, perhaps even to a complex pattern. From there, it’s just a short step to constructing unique design.

Kubi Dubi offers more than just creative building sets. They have several block toys designed to teach other motor skills. Their Babylon set helps children learn numbers while their slide set lets children learn about gravity and physics as the mind puts together a structure and watches marbles roll down.

Constructive criticism is an awesome tool. But not all folks can take to learn from it. Kubi Dubi offers eco-friendly toys that give children a variety of ways to learn. That variety is incredibly important. Perhaps the thing that allows a child to have the edge as wiring progresses.

Those interested in becoming a better parent can learn more about Kubi Dubi Education Building blocks at https://goo.gl/cKc9se.

“Creativity is associated memory that works quite well.” Daniel Kahneman.