Experts Warn Against Missed Period Due To Exercise

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( — August 23, 2018) Orlando, FL — According to research, period loss happens in more than half of recreational athletes. While it can be normal, it is typically a sign of serious health issues.

Nancy Williams, professor of kinesiology and physiology at Penn State University, said that as many as 60 percent of recreational athletes are affected by the signs of menstrual dysfunction.

It is worth mentioning that a survey of over 300 women with amenorrhea was conducted.

In this survey Nicola Rinaldi, author of “No Period. Now What?”, discovered that a there is a wide range of exercise intensity and frequency in women who have lost their periods.

This includes women who exercise about three to four days a week for a span of less than an hour, as well as women who don’t exercise at all.

Researchers at Penn State University have revealed that decreasing calories every day by 470 to 810 is enough to disrupt a woman’s cycle.

According to Catherine Gordon, MD, low energy availability may happen for many reasons. This includes stress, exercise, dietary changes or restriction, or a combination of these factors.

Gordon is the director of the Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and lead author of new guidelines on treating amenorrhea from The Endocrine Society.

Researchers clarify that exercise itself is not at all the reason why menstruation stops. It is actually the mismatch between energy used and energy consumed, which leads to low energy availability.

It is always wise to take the measures necessary to have a healthier menstrual cycle. Missed periods are just one of the problems many women encounter. There are other issues like headaches, menstrual cramps, bloating, and irregular cycles.

The use of B vitamins has been found to be helpful in the treatment of symptoms that happen during the menstrual cycle. B vitamins include B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12.

Women lose blood during the menstrual cycle, and it is wise to replenish the nutrients lost. Vitamin B12 has been found to be helpful in doing just that, and it can even aid in boosting energy. It promotes better balance of the functions of the body, especially during the menstrual cycle.

Experts also recommend folic acid or vitamin B9 which can fight feeling of anxiety, depression, and even mood swings. It is important to remember these are all linked with PMS symptoms.

Biotin is another B vitamin that helps in regaining hormonal balance. This is important as during PMS and the menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalance normally happens.

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