Sleep Tracker Benefits Wearable Technology Wrist Actigraphy Report Released

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( — August 19, 2018) — Smart Bedtime have released a new report on why people should use a sleep tracker. The online sleep experts provide advice and guides on sleep, sleep quality and sleep trackers.

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Smart Bedtime is an online resource for sleep quality. The site explains that they offer site users detailed reviews and guides to sleep trackers, information on using sleep trackers and the latest news and information on the importance of sleep.

Their latest report discusses why people should buy and use a sleep tracker. The report explains that people spend two thirds of their lives sleeping and it is one of the most important requirements for humans to remain in good health.

Getting a good nights sleep isn’t only vital for good health, it also boosts a person’s mood and helps them to carry out day to day activities more efficiently.

People can find out exactly how well they are sleeping each night by using a sleep tracker as an alternative to a costly sleep professional. Most sleep trackers are worn on the wrist and use wrist actigraphy, a tool that measures movement with a device called an accelerometer.

The sleep tracker uses these movement measurements to determine how long a person is sleeping for. The sleep tracker is light and is ideal for measuring sleep in the user’s natural environment.

Some sleep trackers are quite basic and are built into other devices, such as those that measure fitness. Some can be quite in-depth and users’ can log their daily exercise output and food intake for even more accurate results. Sleep trackers can help people to see if they need to improve their routine in order to sleep better at night.

The site has a series of in-depth reviews on all of the latest device available to buy on the market. These reviews includes smartwatches and fitness devices such as the Nokia Steel, Lintelek Fitness Tracker and Luxsure Smart Watch Sports Tracker.

Those wishing to find out more about Smart Bedtime can visit the website on the link provided above.