Epi Digital Shift Digital Discount Wholesaler Is Now Open for Business

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(Newswire.net — August 21, 2018) — Epi Digital Shift is now open for business. The Digital Marketing Services Industry is ripe for disruption. Flat screen TV’s started out with a retail price of around 10,000. Now they can be purchased for 500.00. What happened? The technology changed and then the prices dropped. This is a common happening in every industry. Now the time has come for the prices to drop in the Digital Marketing Services Industry.

In the brave new Digital World, things change quickly. Look what happened to the Taxi Industry thanks to Uber. See what happened to the hotel Industry, appreciate Airbnb for that. Now it is time for local businesses to enjoy lower pricing for the Digital Marketing Services they need to assist in growing their business. The time is now to get closer to the reasonably priced range. The tech has changed, now it’s time for the pricing to follow suit.

Epi Digital Shift is leading the charge into this discount pricing for Digital Marketing Services. Starting with a Review Acquisition System this company uses that as the door opener to the rest of their Discounted List of Digital Marketing Services.

What does a local business need? Video Marketing? Press Release Marketing? A New Website? SEO? Media Citations, what else? How about help landing in the 3 pack and staying there? The days local businesses are being overcharged are over. The tech has changed and now the prices have to.

Scott Powell, Co-Founder of Epi Digital Shift said, “nothing different here than in any other industry. History repeats itself. When the tech changes, prices come down. We are now able to offer as one example, Video Marketing at 1/48th of what the present pricing model is. That is just one example of the price differences we are offering to local businesses. They have not really been overcharged, the market just developed as others do. The point is the tech changed, we are here to set the new standard in the pricing of services in this industry from this point forward. We will offer the same or better quality services for less, simple as that.”.

Epi Digital Shift is your digital marketing done-for-you resource. We provide done-for-you digital services that help your business grow. Our specialization include: – Online Reviews – Website Design & Hosting – Video Marketing – Email Marketing – Social Media Marketing – SEO Services Ready to grow your business?

Co-Founder Kenny Cannon heads up the Sales Division. Buddy Young The Fulfillment Team. Mohamed Ali Tech Support Staff.


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