Ohio House Motel Prepares for the Busy Fall Season in the Chicagoland Area

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(Newswire.net — August 21, 2018) — As the fall season approaches, there are many different attractions to visit in the Chicagoland area. Ohio House Motel is now taking reservations for the fall season and they are ready to welcome visitors. They offer all of the boutique hotel amenities that major hotel chains offer but they do so at a reasonable price in order for visitors to take pleasure in all that Chicago has to offer. The rooms are in a beautiful, historic motel that captures the experience of upscale lodging with modern conveniences. Ohio House Motel offers free wifi, parking, and breakfast if you book your stay with them through their website. More information and photographs of the rooms can be seen on their Facebook page.

The Ohio House Motel is located in the middle of the Chicagoland area while being a short walk to many attractions. As the fall season is approaching, there will be many attractions to go see in walking distance. As the sports season is heating up, Chicago offers a couple different sporting options for visitors. The Chicago Cubs are in first place looking to seal their spot in the Major League Baseball playoffs. Visitors can either try to get inside Wrigley Field or they can enjoy a nice beer outside the stadium which is surrounded by many bars and restaurants. The Chicago Bears are about to start their season in the National Football League and there is a lot of hype for this upcoming season. Going to see a game in Soldier Field is a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors. The Ohio House Motel is also very close to many restaurants such as Portillos, Giordano’s pizza, and Al’s Italian Beef to only name a few. There are many opportunities in Chicago that are within walking distance of Ohio House during the fall season. Ohio House is here to help visitors find whatever they are looking for to experience Chicago while visiting.

Ohio House Motel

600 N LaSalle Dr,

Chicago, IL 60654