4 Tips for Using Time Lapse Videos in Your Construction Business

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(Newswire.net — August 21, 2018) — The photography technique of capturing a series of still images at a specific interval and then compiling and playing them as a fast-moving video is known as time-lapse photography. This technique is gaining popularity in a lot of industries.

Nowadays, various footages using this method range from artists uniquely showcasing their works of art, to fast-paced clips of incredible underwater life. Similarly, businesses in the construction industry have also resorted to creating construction time lapse videos, as a means to document, monitor, and even promote, their ongoing projects.

If your construction business is also considering the use of time-lapse videos, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Have a heavy-duty power source. Time-lapse photography entails longer camera use, as you will be taking a lot of pictures. In the same manner, construction projects require a relatively longer shooting duration because these processes take time to be completed. The long duration means you will need a reliable battery and backups. You may also opt for other sources, such as a solar power setup, to keep your camera going.

  • Pay attention to the lighting. Most, if not all, construction projects are done outdoors. That means natural light will play a huge role in your scene’s lighting. To get a well-lighted video, make sure that the sun is positioned behind your camera.

  • Protect and secure your equipment. Time-lapse photography requires images that are consistent in quality and taken at the same angle and position. The only way to do this is to make sure that you have a sturdy and stable setup. Make sure you enclose your camera in a housing that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. For stability, dock your camera securely on a tripod. This will keep it from moving and shifting as it takes photos of your construction project.

  • Consider using more than one camera. Having two or more cameras set up for your time-lapse video coverage serves two purposes. First, the other one acts as a back-up in case of unforeseen occurrences. Second, placing more than one camera onsite adds a different angle to your shot. This gives your video some variety as you get to show different sides and aspects of your construction project.

Author Bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at One SEO, a digital marketing company in Lebanon, Beirut. Rana is passionate about digital marketing, startups, helping entrepreneurs grow, and empowering them to live their dreams. She has worked as a marketer, a technology co-founder and business developer, and a writer.