Weight Control Found Essential in Osteoarthritis

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(Newswire.net — August 22, 2018) Orlando, FL — Today, there are many people who suffer from painful conditions like osteoarthritis. This arthritic condition has no cure yet, but it can actually be managed.

Weight control has been found essential in osteoarthritis management. This chronic condition of the synovial joint develops over time. It commonly affects the hips, hands, and knees. However, it could also affect other body areas like the feet, spine, ankles and shoulder. 

This disabling disease is highly prevalent. As a matter of fact, it is estimated to affect approximately 10 to 20 percent of the adult population. According to some experts, knee osteoarthritis has been found to be responsible for the heightened risk of mobility disability. 

Individuals who suffer from disability are often confronted with difficulties in doing simple tasks, such as climbing up the stairs. Osteoarthritis normally affects the elderly population, but it can also happen to people of any age.

It is worth mentioning that osteoarthritis has been found to reduce the quality and quantity of life of sufferers. The “Quality adjusted life year” is a measure of disease burden that takes life quality into account.

With this measure, it has been found that knee osteoarthritis, non-obese sufferers who are between 50 to 84 years old will lose 1.9 years. For those with obesity, the figure could increase to 3.5. Further, the estimated quality-adjusted life expectancy also drops by 21 to 25 percent. 

This impact has been found to be the same as metastatic breast cancer. This only shows that osteoarthritis and its impact should never be underestimated.

These studies only demonstrate the significance of weight control in osteoarthritis management. It is important to understand that excess pounds can add additional burden to weight-bearing joints like the hips, back, ankles, knees, and feet.

When they are applied to the joints affected by osteoarthritis, stress increases and the symptoms of the condition worsens. It is further important to realize that excessive loads on the joints can overwhelm their ability to repair themselves. 

It can also trigger certain cartilage mechanisms that create harmful material, which have also been found to lead to the destruction of the joints.

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