6 Exercise Dos and Don’ts to Ensure Your Health

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(Newswire.net — August 22, 2018) — Proper health and exercise is down to more than just willpower. Indeed, despite what certain trainers and so-called fitness gurus may tell you, a positive mindframe isn’t the end-all be-all when it comes to forming a healthy fitness regimen. In truth, there are many factors that influence the success (or lack thereof) of any given exercise plan. And at the end of the day a sound exercise routine shouldn’t put your health at risk. To expand on that point, today we’ll explore three dos and three don’ts to make sure you adopt a fitness plan that works for you and your situation. Check them out here:

Do Keep Things Fresh

If you’re looking to improve your well-being through exercise, then you need to focus on your whole body while working out. Isolating certain muscle groups or zeroing in on one or two exercise types won’t necessarily improve your health in a broader sense. Consider integrating swimming and running into your regular workout schedule to keep things fresh for your body –– and your mind!

Don’t Fight Through the Pain

We’ve all heard the trite, motivational phrase, “no pain, no gain.” Yet, there’s a difference between pushing yourself through a tough workout and exercising with chronic discomfort. Don’t play tough if you think you’ve sustained an injury; instead, seek out a professional like an orthopedic doctor to diagnose and treat the problem. Laboring with an injury can not only affect your productivity, but the physical damage could also worsen over time. Stay safe and get checked out.

Do Workout with Friends

It can be difficult to remain motivated while working out alone. Even if you generally prefer solitude during exercise, you may want to think about joining a gym or like-minded fitness group. You’ll likely notice a boost in your energy levels and enjoyment once you give it a chance.

Don’t Try to Outwork a Poor Diet

There’s a reason why the words diet and exercise are practically tied at the hip in common syntax. That’s because diet and exercise are inextricably linked. Dedicating yourself to a rigorous workout routine won’t do you any good if you don’t support those efforts with a sensible diet.

Do Keep a Tight Schedule

Organization is key if you’re going to make an exercise routine stick. Take time out to plan and catalog your schedule in advance and try your best to adhere to a set pattern. Getting in a groove with a routine is often half the battle!

Don’t Put Yourself in Danger

While it’s fantastic to be passionate about exercise, everyone should know their limits. Plain and simple, you should never put yourself or others in danger to complete a workout. Exercising in extreme conditions (like excessive heat or cold), attempting to lift more than you can handle, and pushing yourself too far when you shouldn’t (like during pregnancy) are just bad ideas. Remember, be sensible out there.