Study Reveals New Eradication Strategy For Skin Disease

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( — August 30, 2018) Orlando, FL — More and more researchers have been investigating the treatments of various diseases and disorders. This includes those for skin disease, which has many forms and types.

A study was spearheaded by scientists from Spain, PNG, US, Australia, and international colleagues.

According to experts, Yaws is caused by Treponema pallidum, which is a subspecies of the bacterium. It causes syphilis and is spread via direct contact through minor injuries like cuts and scratches on the skin.

It normally affects children, and initially leads to painful skin lesions. When left untreated, it can result not just in chronic deformities, but also disability. Yaws is found in humans, and is easily cured by antibiotic treatment.

The World Health Organization’s current strategy is to eradicate yaws by 2020.

Australian infectious diseases geneticist and study contributor Associate Professor Alyssa Barry, from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, said that the study suggested adapting the Who approach to speed up the eradication efforts of yaws.

The study was funded by ISDIN laboratories, Newcrest Mining Limited, and US Public Health Service National Institutes of Health.

Yaws is just one of the skin diseases that affect millions of people from around the world today. Health experts continue to take the measures necessary in addressing the disease properly and safely.

There are factors that contribute to its development, such as poor personal hygiene, overcrowding, and poor sanitation. It is extremely important to understand that it may not just lead to disability, but also death in rare cases.

More studies are still underway to learn more about how this disease can be treated or prevented. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it needs to be provided with the care it deserves.

There are many threats to skin health, especially since the skin is highly exposed to bacteria, dirt, and pollutants. Practicing good hygiene is necessary to take better care of the skin.

Bacteria, pollutants, and dirt have varying effects on skin health and appearance. This is why they need to be eliminated on a daily basis. A natural remedy called activated charcoal has been found helpful in doing just that.

Activated charcoal works by sticking to dirt, toxins, and pollutants before eliminating it from the skin. This natural remedy is also used for body cleansing, teeth whitening, and water filtration.

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