Warn Against Impotence Caused By Sleep Deprivation

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(Newswire.net — August 30, 2018) Orlando, FL —  Sleep has long been identified to be one of the most important factors for health and survival. The lack of it has also been linked with the onset of certain symptoms and medical conditions.

According to Dr Sandeep Patil, Chief Intensivist and Physician, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, sleep deprivation may lead to impotence in men. 

Sleep deprivation has long been studied by clinicians and researchers due to its negative effects on health, particularly on the heart, brain, and life as a whole. 

Experts have shown that having quality sleep is essential in maintaining levels of testosterone. It is worth mentioning that having the right testosterone levels is vital for erection and sex life maintenance in men. 

According to researchers, most of the testosterone production happens during sleep. During REM or deep stages of sleep, the highest levels are produced. Sleep deprivation in men causes levels of testosterone to plummet to as much as 70 percent. 

It has been suggested that a reduction in total sleep or even disrupted sleep can have an impact on sexual function. In some studies, it has been found sleep deprivation, as well as sleep apnea, causes ED in over 60 percent of men. 

Some previous studies established the link between sleep deprivation and mood disorders, poor stamina, and exhaustion. 

These are factors were identified to have an effect on sexual performance, which means they could stall sexual function and energy.

Ejaculation problems, such as premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation, may also happen in such situations. Men who are sleep deprived tend to be intolerable and even aggressive. This can have negative effects on an intimate relationship. 

There are ways to achieve a decent sleep on a daily basis and it includes nourishing the body with nutrients. This may mean ensuring that the body has adequate levels of B vitamins. 

According to research, achieving good sleep may be achieved by maintaining adequate levels of vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12. 

It has been found these B vitamins aid in regulating the body’s tryptophan levels. Tryptophan is an amino acid essential for healthy sleep maintenance. 

One nutrient called vitamin B3 or niacin promotes sleep in those with insomnia produced by depression. What makes niacin even more beneficial is that it increases the efficacy of tryptophan. 

It is a great nutrient in helping those who rapidly fall asleep, but are also easy to wake up at night. It is further worth mentioning a deficiency in pantothenic acid or B5 can result in sleep disturbances and fatigue.

This B vitamin has been found to offer support to the body in times of anxiety and stress. Deficiency in folic acid has been associated with insomnia. 

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